Spark the festive fervor with HBO and HBO HD Diwali Blockbuster Aquaman

Trade the usual festivities for undersea adventures this Diwali! Join half-human, half-Atlantean and reluctant hero Aquaman from DC’s Extended Universe, on epic aquatic combats! Director James Wan gloriously transforms Arthur Curry into the legendary King he is meant to be, with Jason Momoa wielding the golden trident. Watch ‘Aquaman’ as he plunges head-first into a world of subaquatic conflict only on HBO and HBO HD, on Sunday, 20th October, 2019 at 1pm, 5 pm and 9pm. The movie is Co-powered by Samsung Galaxy A70s, with Special Partner, Fashion Partner Allen Solly Jeans and Associate Sponsor Fitbit.

Our vintage comic book hero undergoes a drastic makeover! The modern Aquaman packs in muscle-flexing, affinity for beer-guzzling and a love for solitary existence. Arthur, as he is known above the seabed, battles his insouciance as he discovers his roots and confronts his Atlantean antihero half-brother, Orm aka Ocean Master. Black Manta upgrades himself to join Orm and pose another challenge for our burly hero. To save mankind from Orm’s villainy, Arthur must give up his surliness and earn the throne that awaits him! Not without some spectacular laser shootouts, luminous creatures and a dash of romance!

Fans will get to experience this movie adaption with incredible camerawork and CGI wizardry. James Wan stirs imagination with superb underwater stunts, sea-horse riders and a savvy octopus percussionist. Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Don Burgess's contributes to the visual magic. Jason Momoa owns the titular role with roguish charm, tattoos and deft action. Amber Heard brings to life Princess Mera; fiery in both hair colour and disposition, Mera joins Aquaman on Sicilian rooftop encounters with armoured troopers. Patrick Wilson plays the formidable Ocean Master with dexterity. Nicole Kidman stays true to the role as Atlanna, Arthur’s mother, while Willem Dafoe dispenses calculated caution as counsellor Vulko.

HBO adds more sparkle to Diwali fun and gives viewers an opportunity to bring the rush of Aquaman’s adventures home! Fans can participate in many interesting contests on HBO’s social media pages to win a super cool Aquaman figurine. Check out HBO India on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to know more!

With light-heartedness and vivid colours, ‘Aquaman’ redefines DC’s superhero genre and makes for a perfect watch this festive season! Catch ‘Aquaman’ only on HBO & HBO HD this Sunday, 20th October, at 1pm, 5pm and 9pm.


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