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Star Movies Select to premiere classic fairy tale Cinderella on June 11

What’s better than having a shoe that fits like a glove, as did the magical shoe fashioned by Cinderella’s fairy-godmother? A shoe that will match every single outfit you have. The beauty of the glass slipper lay in its delicate appearance and the ease with which it fit her, a bespoke shoe just for her. The glass slipper was what brought the love of her life back to her and facilitated her rescue from her evil stepmother and stepsisters.
The metaphorical glass slipper that leads to the ultimate prince is what we all look for in life. Speaking on the same, Shibani Kashyap tells us a little about her favorite shoes and her views on the classic fairytale Cinderella.  
“ I love fairytales and love living life as a fairytale. I’ve grown up listening to and reading fairytales, Cinderella has been one of my favorites. It is a story of good over evil and how ultimately Cinderella gets her happiness thanks to her pristine purity and the iconic Cinderella shoe which fits only her. Which means that it is symbolic of her goodness and purity. Wearing the right shoe is so important for me it can make me feel as light as a feather and go about my outing like a song!
My favorite shoes are a pair by Charles and Keith, beige gold which go with all colors and are super comfortable and very light, I think the key to comfortable shoes are that they should be light and fit well! I feel like Cinderella wearing these shoes... Happy, lithe and pure! Cheers to the iconic Cinderella shoes!! Pssst.... We must all have one pair of Cinderella shoes in our wardrobe!”
The tale of Cinderella has travelled all over the world and been translated into a number of languages that speak of the lasting effect such stories have on the world. Star Movies Select HD brings forth the old story re-told with live action through the film, Cinderella.

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