Star Plus to bring a new show- 'Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai'

“Promise what benefits them and do what benefits us!” has been the mantra of our opportunistic politicians for ages now. Still, whenever some shrewd politician shows up with sweet words and a welcoming smile the junta votes again hoping that the solution has arrived!

Star Plus brings you story of one such neta, Shri Chaitu Lal (Rajeev Nigam) with its brand new comic satire on politics, Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai. This Chief Minister is known for fooling the innocent citizens by making false promises. Like any other neta Chaitu is a fairly manipulative, wise with words and is of an opportunistic kind. His 'thenga party' vouches only for black money by manipulating the system. He promises what benefits the common man but does what benefits him.

Supporting him in this comedy show is his wife Imli Devi (Samta Sagar). She stands by her husband through the thick and thin. Even though Chaitu is the leader of the ruling party when it comes to home, his wife is his biggest support system. Imli hopes to see her brother and CM’s enthusiastic brother-in-law, Putan (Ishtiyak Khan) as the Prime Minister of the nation. Putan a youth icon of his state is as shrewd as his Jijaji. He has 13 cases lodged against him and has purchased degrees from all the top colleges of the state. Puttan is no less to Chaitu in any way when it comes to politics and corruption.

The show, a satirical take on the common man’s issues, shows Chaitu Laal dealing with common man’s issues such as education, infrastructure, corruption etc. while also focusing on events like the rigged elections, buying and selling of MLAs and the foundation of random committees that misuse public money. It is through these events that the show unveils the ugly side of politics in a slapstick manner with funny situations.

Talking about the show, Rajeev Nigam who plays the role of Chaitu Lal says, “In this day and age where politics is no less than a masaledaar pot-boiler, a show like this is a fantastic move by Star Plus. The subject is such that it spawns interest and draws sharp opinions even by the non-voters, who have strong opinions about political parties, their ideologies or individuals. As Chaitu Lal I got an opportunity to understand and translate on screen the malpractices of our corrupt politicians. I hope the audience love me so much as a devious corrupt politician who promises welfare to the public only to end up profiting his own family and friends. Viewers will start hating me for being a silly, selfish, and an ignorant Chief Minister of a state.”

Star Plus brings to you a show that puts the spotlight on our guileful babus, their strife for power, twisted ways of ‘development’, thirst for corruption and brouhaha over the throne – in a more desi way - the 'kursi' (chair). Witness the tale of Chaitu Lal as he is all set to rule his state with the one language he speaks and that being ‘corruption’ and laugh it out on the tragedy!

The show is written, created and directed by Ashwini Dhir.

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai…Of the people, by the people, for the people. Jai Hind!

Watch Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai every Monday to Friday at 8:00pm, Only on STAR Plus.

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