Tata ClassEdge campaign: Better teachers make better students!

With a unique thought that "Better teachers make better students', Tata is out with a new and innovative campaign for its exclusive initiative, Tata ClassEdge. Tata is known for its communication strategy and hence another creative ideas drive the brand communication for Tata ClassEdge also. It is so very true that every teacher seeks to create better students, but it takes a better teacher to create a better student.

Undoubtedly, the education and learning category has been cluttered with quite a few brands over the past few years but none of those has been so "distinguishably active.'

Tata Interactive Systems has entered the high potential, interactive school learning products segment in India, with Tata ClassEdge. The campaign is designed and created by Lowe Lintas.

In a conversation with Adgully, Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas shared some insights about the campaign.

Most of the prominent brands have attempted to project the product as a mere audio-visual aid that makes learning entertaining for children. But Lowe Lintas has chosen a strategically different path for Tata ClassEdge.

As told by Iyer, the brief given was very simple. The client being "Tata' wanted to showcase that teachers take the centre stage when it comes to interactive learning.

Commenting on the campaign, Iyer said, "We wanted to talk about the whole interactive learning. We wanted to adopt a different route and wanted to show that the biggest role is played by teachers when "an interactive class' is concerned."

When asked how difficult it to crack the brief was, Iyer said, "It was as difficult or as easy as any other campaign. Of course, it involved a lot of research and we had to be very elaborative."

The challenge was to motivate the teacher by showcasing Tata ClassEdge as a powerful and easy to adopt educational aid that actually empowers them. The 30 second TVC was shot in Mumbai and showcased how the principal tells the parents that they want to improve their school and teachers which will obviously help in the improvement of their child.


 Planning ' S. Subramanyeswar, Sujit Patnaik

 Producer ' Lintas Productions ' Anil Naidu, Prashant Gaikwad, Rajesh Bhanushali, Tulika Sodera

 Director ' Amit Roy

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