Tata Mutual Fund Launches " The Diwali Check List "

On the back of the Diwali Festivities, a campaign is  launched by Tata Mutual Fund. The two track campaign running in parallel colours itself with  every festive day in one track and the other weaves the story of SIPs. " Building a living Brand " is  how the AMC sees its marketing efforts evolve. 

The campaign book marks the 5 days of Diwali and puts up a checklist of 3 things one can do on  each of the days. Every activity is special and specific to that day of Diwali. It's not an isolated  attempt at problem solving but joyous moments in which the whole family comes together to  make it a very special day. Much like investments in isolation could at best be a flicker but an  allocation between equity and debt, gives the portfolio enough balance to pivot on. This could  improve chances of wealth creation over the long term. 

The second track covers SIPs. Simply put one 1 light is not enough for a glowing home. Hence,  you light many a lamp to welcome wealth in Diwali. Similarly, every long term and short term  need can be achieved with multiple SIPs. The light and the investments grow over time. And  every light could light the other to set up a chain of brightness. Similarly one SIP could lead to  other and be available at different milestones. 

Considered as the most auspicious time for new beginnings, Diwali is one mot opportunity to  begin the investment journey. 

The campaign builds on the Tata Mutual Fund's Brand theme of " Khud Pe Vishwaas Hai Sab Se  Badi Investment " and nudges one to make #VishwaasKaTyohaar at every given celebratory  opportunity. It plays out across all the social media, digital and organic communication channels  of the AMC. 

“ We see Tata Mutual Fund as a Brand being ensconced amongst the joys of our Investors and  channel partners. That's our way of perhaps making everyday high points or festivities that give  us joy, a purpose led orientation. It's a natural pulpit for a clarion call to make great beginnings.  At the back drop of two gloomy years. May this Diwali be the beginning of brighter days. " 


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