Thinking usually gets positioned as such a dull, laborious and tedious ritual: Vinay Kanchan

“Thinking couldn't be a fun thing, could it?”

Fortytwo Bookz Galaxy announces the launch of ‘Sportivity’ a book on 10 power plays to help one get more creative. The book has been penned by innovation catalyst, brand storyteller and Author Vinay Kanchan. Sportivity (derived from sport+wit+creativity) sets the stage for uncovering ideas, and the appreciation of creative insight leveraging the pulsating energy provided by sport. Structured around ten invaluable perspectives and techniques when it comes to creativity; Sportivity looks at making creative thinking an enjoyable game.

With interesting incidents and observations pulled out from the rich canvas of sport, the author creates fascinating lateral connections, mixed with generous doses of humour  making ‘Sportivity’ a must read for entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketing and advertising professionals and students, inspiring them to creatively relook at resolving problems in their daily lives. 

Speaking on the launch of his new book, the third time author, brand storyteller & innovation catalyst Vinay Kanchan said, ''I have always pondered about how thinking gets usually positioned as such a dull, laborious and tedious ritual. Most educational institutions do little to dispel that myth. My effort has been around making the whole process of thinking and ideation a lot more insightful, fun and entertaining. Thinking has to be something people enjoy doing, something they look forward to. Having been irrepressibly drawn towards sport my entire life, and having experienced the thrill, exhilaration and high that comes from even watching sport; my premise for SPORTIVITY was around getting that same feeling of sporting inspiration to merge with and liberate one's thinking on the challenges at hand. This I felt could add energy and vitality to that process. And make thinking itself seem like a sport. The difference is when you become better at this sport; you usually win in the game of life”.

C.P. Thomas-Co-founder, Fortytwo Bookz Galaxy, further added, “We are always seeking out books which take a look at the ordinary in an extraordinary manner. 'Sportivity' broke through the clutter on that account. Right from the coinage of a new term in the thinking lexicon, to the riveting, inspirational and engaging stories cited, it was something we felt many readers would truly enjoy. The pocket book format also was something which appealed to us, given the short attention spans these days. This is one of our releases we have been most excited about over the recent years”.

Commenting on the book, S.Subramanyeswar-Chief Strategy Officer, Lowe Lintas, said “Wow! That was my first reaction after reading. Truly awesome book, fully worth reading and possessing. A fascinating read for anyone who is interested in what makes champion ideators tick. This is one of those rare books that gives you practical examples and tips in an engaging way using illustrations without the baloney business jargon we keep getting fed. A combination of compelling stories of sporting creativity and innovatory business theory. And an indispensable reading for business  leaders/managers and business students. I loved it. Enjoyed it!”.

Marketed by AGENCY09, Sportivity is priced at Rs. 195 and is now available on Amazon and Crossword as well as across all leading bookstores in India.


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