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This April Fool’s Day, MTV says “The Joke Is on Us”!

“Bas 10th boards me top karlo, marksheet humesha kaam aati hai!”

“Bas 12th nikal lo, ek baar college mil gaya toh maze hi maze”

“Bas post-graduation karlo, warna accha job kaise milega?”

“Bas ab Shadi karlo, umar badh gayi toh choices nahi milegi”

Bas ab bacche, future planning, baccho ki shadi, baccho ke bacche…...

Meanwhile, Society: Hahaha. Gotcha! 

Gives you “Mazak Ban Gayi Zindagi” feels, right? As we continue to share a hearty laughter on different jokes and memes all through the day, little do we realize, “The Joke is on Us”, courtesy- Society and its unreasonable expectations. And while we continue to be in the rat trap, MTV is here to remind us this April Fool’s Day that the joke’s on us, through a bone tickling yet an impactful brand film. 

The April Fool’s Day brand film by MTV opens to a family setting and showcases a boy, who is passionate to learn guitar but is burdened by the gyaan of “Board exams aa rahe hain. Yeh ek saal focus karo, badmein toh aish hi hain.” The progression follows when he tries to pick up his hobby during his entrance exams, MBA preparation and Marriage. Finally, when the boy, all settled now, asks his parents “Lo ho gaya settle! Kya ab mein apni zindagi jee sakta hoon”, he is reminded of his current responsibilities as a father.

Relatable much?

In a fine blend of quirk and impact, the film showcases the guitar as a symbol of joke that our life has been playing on us and unfortunately, there’s no escape from it. Towards the end of the film, we see the protagonist conditioning his baby in a similar fashion, which is a blatant reminder of how certain conventions are followed across generations.

So, this April Fool’s Day, raise a toast with MTV and have a laugh for being the fools we never intended to be!


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