This International Dog creates digital dog day event, a first-of-its-kind platform that provides trustworthy veterinary care and a one-stop solution for pet food and supplies, has come up with a video campaign for 26th Aug 2021, International Dog Day. The campaign celebrates the little joys of dog parenthood and the unique language we develop with our pets when we bring them into our lives. The campaign leaves the viewers with the message that no matter where we come from, our pets don’t see us differently. No matter what language we may speak with our dog, all they understand and comprehend is the language of love. “Aaja”, “Vaa”, and “Come” would all mean the same to a dog who’s being called with love. And this is a beautiful and probably the least talked about leveler in a country as diverse as ours. is a platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community in the country by providing expert pet care. This International Dog Day, Supertails celebrates the companionship, love, and bond that India’s young pet parents share with their dogs. 


Talking about the campaign, Varun Sadana, Co-Founder of Supertails said, “In the last 2 months, we’ve conducted over 2000 online vet consultations and interacted with over 5000 pet parents from across the country. This language diversity was one of the most beautiful insights we got from our interactions. The campaign highlights the diversified culture of India, and how pets bring it all together. Where else will you find a Golden Retriever who responds to Gujarati in one part of the country, and to Kannada in another?”



Where many people feel like they may not be cut out for pet parenthood because they wouldn’t know how to communicate with their pet, Supertails takes this day to say that it takes only love to understand a pet. This video is dedicated to young pet parents whose mundane days are brightened up by the presence of dogs. For them, it’s a happy dog day, everyday.

To make International dog day special, Supertails is also launching the first edition of SUPERWAG 21 on 26th August for International Dog Day 2021. 


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