Veet launches new TVC featuring Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif

Veet has embarked on its Glamour Campaign with a nationwide survey to reveal trends in hair removal. The new TVC which features Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif showcases her saying that she has been regularly using Veet and her legs had never felt so smooth and glowing before. This is what 84% Cosmopolitan readers also have to say about Veet!

The TVC showcases Katrina getting ready for a party and she decides to wear a simple denim mini skirt and a short shirt because "Why do you need anything else, when you have sexy legs". She is shown vouching for the survey where 84% of the Cosmopolitan readers have said that their legs never felt so smooth and glowing.

The concept is to highlight the increasing acceptance of Veet as "the ultimate tool to sexy legs" among girls and women. The TVC showing Katrina in a deciding gesture as what to wear and then moving out in a simple denim mini skirt and a short shirt subtly brings out the message that Veet stands for - "Beauty" and "Confidence". Beauty mixed with confidence depicts the ultimate glamour quotient and this latest commercial portrays the messaging quite effectively when it shows Katrina trying different dresses and then ultimately deciding to wear a simple mini skirt and short shirt!

The TVC further shows Katrina acknowledging that an increasingly large number of women folk (84% of the Cosmo readers) think the same way that using Veet products has helped their skin glow. This establishes Veet's glamour quotient which is the combination of "Beauty" and "Confidence".

Katrina, who has been associated with Veet for the past eight years, reflects the trendy and style conscious young woman of today, the typical "Cosmo' woman, who is looking for the most convenient solutions to bring out the glamour in her. Her bubbly and "Get-Going' approach creates immediate identification among Veet's female consumers, who need a depilatory solution that gives them their ultimate sexy legs tool!!!


Director: Jean Louis Carrasco

DOP: Ayananka Bose

Creative Director: Priyank Narain & Ajay Sharma


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