VFX will become a standard arm for content creators to tell a story: Rahul Kumar Tewary

Producer Rahul Kumar Tewary recently launched his new show, ‘Udne Ki Aasha’. This is his first independent project under his own banner, Rahul Tewary Productions, after dabbling in the production business for more than a decade. Rahul has worked on some major shows like ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Porus’ and ‘Mahakali - Anth Hi Aarambh Hai’. In an exclusive conversation with Adgully, Rahul Kumar Tewary speaks about his journey in the television industry, increasing use and importance of VFX in television shows, and more.

What prompted you to start your own production house?

I have always loved what I do, and creating new content which dares to stand apart on TV is the reason why I continue to be in production. This is what I have been doing for 14 years and for me, it was the most logical thing to do. I want to make different kinds of shows across genres, and opening my own production house is the best thing to do.

What kind of content do you want to back? Why?

Today’s audience demands realistic content, I think. I want to make more social dramas and shows that are relatable in the digital domain. The shows that I make will be relatable with the youth and will deal with their issues.

From your past experience of working on big shows, what has been the most difficult part of making/ executing such shows?

I think every show comes with its own challenges. ‘Mahabharat’ was the most difficult show to make, that was our first historical show and we didn’t have a lot of experience in making historical projects. We learnt a lot in the process and it was all worth it as ‘Mahabharat’ was loved by the audience. It helped us a lot in our future projects. Doing a show like ‘Mahabharat’ scaled the amount of people involved in making such a big show. That was learning how to manage so many people on one set. With so many action scenes, animals, chariots – that learning paid off for us to make the future shows that we have done.

VFX has played a big part in your projects, do you think it plays an important part in telling the story? How?

Absolutely, VFX is an integral part of creation today – be it films, television, historical, mythological shows, all require the help of new technology to achieve their purpose. It is an integral part of the entire filmmaking process today. And it is only going to get advanced with the inclusion of AI and other technologies coming up. So, I think moving ahead VFX will become a standard arm for all content creators to tell a story.

There is also a view that VFX takes away a major part of any project. What are your views on it?

I don’t think VFX takes away anything from any project. It only enhances a particular process because, at the end of the day, it all depends on the story. VFX should always be used as an enhancement to the storytelling process of any filmmaker, to his creativity.

What are the future plans for ‘Udne Ki Aasha’?

The future is very promising. We are working on a lot of concepts across TV, TV-plus and digital domain. After this launch, we shall continue to pursue other shows.


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