The Glenlivet Glassware celebrates those who live original

The Glenlivet Glassware kicks off the campaign in a unique fashion by showcasing stalwarts who have been called ‘fools’ and turned out to be The Originals of the world. In the context of creativity and innovation, being labelled a "fool" can be seen as a necessary step in the journey towards originality, making April Fool’s Day the perfect occasion to launch it.

This campaign celebrates the indomitable spirit within each individual that propels one to push beyond the constraints, to explore new horizons, and to defy the status quo. The film showcases the legacies of visionaries like William Shakespeare, renowned playwright, and poet; Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics; Karl Benz, inventor of the first automobile; and Jane Goodall, pioneering primatologist and conservationist. Despite facing ridicule for their radical ideas, they each left an indelible mark on history. The brand acclaims originals who pursue their own unique vision, regardless of perceptions of others.  And it encourages everyone to embrace our own inner "fool," to cultivate the creativity necessary to bring out your boldest ideas to life.

The statement, "Every original was once a fool," highlights the journey from unconventional ideas to groundbreaking standards. Looking back at history, humanity has always aimed for the future, constantly seeking new discoveries. This forward momentum serves as the impetus behind The Glenlivet Glassware’s unwavering commitment to progress with resolute determination. Aligned with this ethos, campaign champions originality as a core value, evident in our daily pursuits.

To pursue a truly novel idea or vision requires a level of courage and conviction that transcends the fear of judgment or ridicule. Originals are born with this virtue and understand that to stay Original, one needs to stay forever forward. Their spirit is rooted in authenticity and originality, embracing individuality, and paving the way for innovation and progress.

So, here’s to never wavering from thinking differently and staying courageous to #LiveOriginal. Here’s to a legacy of fearless exploration and being a fool for exploring the unknown. Here’s to 200 years of audacious strides. Here’s to being The Original.


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