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From guiding tiny, fumbling steps to fulfilling their kid’s every demand to lending a sense of security, fathers have always held a special place in children’s lives. This Father’s Day,, India’s largest sleep and home solutions company, invites you to reminisce about the wonderful experiences shared with your dads in a campaign titled, ‘Papa toh Papa hote hai’.

 The company launched its Father’s Day video as part of the campaign, sharing slices of life from the most intimate moments of fathers and their children. Father’s trying to put their infants to sleep but dozing off themselves, fathers trying to sneak a chocolate to their kids without the mom noticing are all the vivid imagery used in the heart-warming and humorous film. It endeavours to bring out the adorable side of the doting father. The video takes us through some of the most evocative moments, shot virtually, where real families were directed to record these memories right at their homes.

 The video will be complemented by the launch of’s podcast series, which kicks off with popular mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik, who will share bedtime stories about princesses and their fathers. Stories such as princess and the pea will regale listeners and share how the fathers went out of their way to get nothing but the best for their princesses. The podcast will be available on’s YouTube and social media channels as well as on Spotify.

 Most kids have fun, quirky, feel good memories with their fathers in their childhood. Remember those times when your Dads spoilt you silly with toys and treats? Or when he saved you from a sticky situation with your mom? Or when you won his appreciation for a task or exam well done? The campaign aims at reliving some of those invaluable memories and reminding us of the unconditional love and affection which drives fathers to leave no stone unturned for their kids’ happiness.

“While the pandemic has led us through bleak gloomy months of stress and sleepless nights, it has also brought us closer to our families and friends. At, we have always believed that empathy and togetherness paired with immunity-boosting routines of sleep and exercise will be instrumental in maintaining overall well-being. With our Father’s Day campaign, we aim to evoke nostalgia and affection among kids of all ages, for one of the most important people in their lives.” said, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Co-Founder and Director of

The love and happiness shared with people close to us allows us to have physical and emotional well-being and our occasion-based campaigns are an attempt to acknowledge these intangible but truly monumental aspects of our life.” he added.  

 In addition to the video and podcast, will also launch a social media initiative as part of its campaign, where it will pay a tribute to both Father’s Day as well as International Yoga Day. The company will be putting up a series of yoga posts, renamed to include ‘dad’ in it and will represent the poses that bring out characteristic features of strong, supportive dads. For instance, the Virabhadrasana, renamed as ‘Virabhadadasana, depicts the warrior he inspires us to be; the Vriksasana, renamed as ‘Vriksdadasana’, represents his insistence of finding balance in life; the Padmasana, renamed
 as ‘Padmdadasana’, is his way of teaching us to be grounded and humble in life.  


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