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Fuelled by an irresistible combination of music and talent, Bradley Cooper’s critically acclaimed directional debut is here to tug at your heartstrings. Let Jackson and Ally take you into their moving and complex world of ambition, addiction, love and sacrifice. HBO & HBO HD bring you the premiere of ‘A Star is Born’, on Saturday, 31st August, at 9pm, co-powered by Kia Motors.

Big on feeling and emotional complexity, Cooper’s rendition of the classic tale fuses his talent with that of the inimitable living legend, Lady Gaga. ‘A Star is Born’ is a cinematic retelling of a tumultuous love between struggling singer Ally, and self-destructive big-league musician, Maine. While Maine bolsters Ally’s confidence and career, his deep-seated issues eventually start fracturing their relationship, leading to an inevitable tragic end. 

This phenomenal movie stirred the awards season, and for good reason. Bradley Cooper’s prepared hand shows when the plot steers through difficult moments. The impeccable casting elevates the film. Cooper successfully makes Maine less contemptuous, evoking sympathy. Lady Gaga proves her acting chops for the first time with commendable ease, and Dave Chappelle adds a layer of lightness as Maine’s best friend Noodles. What heightens this heart-wrenching tale, is the singular soundtrack. From ‘La Vie en Rose’ to ‘Shallow’, every song strives for authenticity and achieves it. 

Giving fans the opportunity to Experience the Magic of this movie’s soundtrack, HBO and HBO HD present ‘A Star is Born Night’ in association with Social Offline. Featuring talented vocalists, and artists like Keshia B, Bad Romance and Rachna Ramdin ft. Metronome, Social Offline outlets across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore will light up the evening with duets and ballads sung by the lead pair in the movie!





30th August 2019, Friday

9pm onwards 

Flea Bazaar Café, Mumbai

Keshia B 

29th August 2019, Thursday

9pm onwards

Haus Khas Social, Delhi

Bad Romance

30th August 2019, Friday

9pm onwards

Sarjapur Social, Bangalore

Rachna Ramdin ft. Metronome

It’s your chance to experience a symphony of emotions. Tune in to ‘A Star Is Born’ only on HBO and HBO HD, on Saturday, 31st August, 9pm. 

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