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With digital evolution during pandemic, human connection remains resilient

Authored by Tribhuwan Joshi, Brand Communication, Public Relations & CSR, Fujifilm India

We humans are not made for isolation; there will always be a need for true and long-term connections among people. As everything is moving towards a digital world, the pandemic has further resulted in making the human connection even stronger. It has been seen that people in today’s time are valuing each other, going back to their basics where value and belief systems mattered to them the most.

 Empathy is the new aspect which every brand is working on these days. All brands are listening to their communities, customer, partners, and employees. They are spending time with them and understanding them better to serve in these unprecedented times.

 The entire marketing game has changed and brands are becoming thoughtful about what they need to take forward. Presently, there is dismay and fear of uncertainty all around and people are more receptive to brands encompassing an emotional appeal and concern in all that they do or say. Every single announcement or statement one conveys as a brand across channels should be full of empathy and care, and based on a thoughtful approach to avoid hurting the prevailing sentiments.

 Last week, while attending multiple virtual meetings with teams across offices. I realized how technology has helped in managing this crisis more effectively with tools like webinars, google meetings, and other virtual communication mediums. During this time of sheer uncertainty and constant fear, our willingness to adopt technology has been our lifeline and has allowed us to stay connected with people any time, and from anywhere.   

As Aristotle, the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.”

 Nowadays ‘Man is by nature a Social Media animal’, who needs to look beyond the technology marketing wind and recall the real conversations, real problems that real human connections will solve behindhand the digital world.

 A real, honest, authentic, human-to-human connection is more powerful than any virtual engagement and connection. Though the modern-day phenomena of technology are amazing, as long as we remember that while the tools help us get to the right people, truly connecting with them is where the real magic happens.  

Brands need to be receptive to the current 'emotions’ and acknowledge the same. As Leo Burnett says ‘What helps people, helps the businesses.


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