Xapads Media’s Alok Pandey on how OEM is revolutionising brand presence

How OEM is Creating a Buzz in the Mobile App Ecosystem
How OEM is Creating a Buzz in the Mobile App Ecosystem

Authored by Mr. Alok Pandey, Vice President - Sales & Marketing,  Xapads Media.

Mobile App Ecosystem, an ever-evolving mechanism that entertains innovation and story-telling campaign strategy in different ways wherein, OEM has become its next frontier. Today’s new-age tech is evolving and OEM is revolutionizing the brand presence since it involves a variety of targeting options which give marketing efforts an extra edge. It also embraces business and develops a relationship between advertiser and audience. And continuing the same, I would like to say that if you wish to advertise and promote your brand in the market then, you can't overlook the plethora of opportunities that OEM brings to the business. To ease the battle of capturing the attention of consumers; OEM comes into play; and, here’s my opinion on: 

How is OEM creating a buzz in the mobile app ecosystem?   

Pool of Ad Formats: OEM advertising occurs at many touchpoints throughout the device lifecycle that facilitate marketers with different ad formats like Banner Ads, Push Ads,, Tiles/Icon Ads, Search Ads, Splash Ads etc. Reaching and tapping the users while targeting specific devices and geolocation becomes easier with such ad formats. These are more value-generated and provide users with a liberty to choose and download the apps that are likely to be used long-term and increase user retention and engagement rates, optimizing the ROAS. 

Different Ad Placements: OEM is transforming the digital advertising approach since its USPs are economical and taking the industry by storm providing effective ad placement and branding options at different touchpoints. OEM Ad Placements mainly focus on Pre-Install/Pre-Load, App Store Promotion, Recommended Apps, Hot Downloads, Icon Promotion and Browser-Based Promotion in an absolutely fraud-free environment. This helps marketers cherry-pick the best performing source to make informed business decisions with achievable marketing goals. 

Multiple Targeting Options: Marketers can build a quality audience pool while advertising on OEMs because it incorporates advanced targeting. This concentrates on demographics, language, user behavior and promotion applications focusing on Keyword and GAID Targeting, Retargeting, User Coverage and a lot more. Marketers get users’ history and associated metrics via such multiple targeting options which help them acquire the users on lookalike inventory. 

Transparency: OEM maintains the Ad Frequency which enables advertisers to optimize the campaign and showcase personalized offerings that best match the users’ interests and requirements. This gets done based on the consumer’s insights and marketer can reallocate his ad spend on the users that better interact with specific OEM inventories. Moreover, there is no layer and involvement of third-party mediator between advertiser and OEM which maintains the brand sanity and transparency giving them complete control on ad spends. 

Ad Promotion Opportunities: OEM devices already have pre-installed apps which helps in determining the most downloaded apps by the users. It provides interesting deals to advertisers in featuring their app and pitch its presence via app distribution strategies. This is done to win the marketers trust in becoming the primary platform for promoting the app amongst the right target audience. This practice is enhancing the global app economy and since 2021 global app economy has observed a CAGR of 37% from 2016-2021 which has grown from 1.3 trillion USD in 2016 to 6.3 trillion USD in 2021. OEM Advertising also helps advertisers in fulfilling multi-themed needs like Real Money Gaming Apps, Short Video Apps, Social Media Apps that involve a specific cohort. 

Advertisers desire to make a winning marketing strategy while enhancing the advertising approach from branding to performance where OEM backs them as a support system. This being a new-age tech is immensely creating a buzz in the mobile app ecosystem because with online consumerism, OEM Advertising has become a catalyst for brands. Consumers view ads on OEM with more trustworthiness that maximizes its performance and provide marketers with more meaningful insights to effectively target the right and desired demographics and drive good results. 

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