Zomato draws the importance of voting through food choices

Zomato, the de-facto platform for users across 200+ cities in India to make informed food choices, recently launched an awareness campaign on the importance of enfranchisement. Focusing on the power of choice and rights through food analogy, Zomato encouraged everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote during the largest democratic elections in the world.

Crafted into a video, the campaign started with food polls on Twitter asking the audience in Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata to choose the dish they prefer. The race was between a dish traditionally associated with the city and a famous international one. The food polls revealed some very astonishing results, drawing rave reactions from people across cities. For instance, Chole-Bhature lost to Mashed Potato in Delhi, Misal Pav lost to Bruschetta in Pune and Rosogollas to Croissants in Kolkata.

Built on these unexpected and startling food choices and responses, Zomato delivers a striking message - “This was just the choice of food. Imagine if others choose who runs the country. You have one chance. One vote! Make it count."

The campaign draws parallels between people’s reactions to the food poll and the possible reactions to the current elections, apprising people of their democratic duties to vote and not hold others responsible for choosing differently.


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