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Aakshey Talwar: A living journal of innovation & entrepreneurship

Having founded Weaving Thoughts way back in 2008, at an age of eighteen, Aakshey Talwar perceives the thriving digital scene with the sole perspective that matters in a good content-cum-digital agency, that is, quality. Ever since then, the content providing firm which now goes by the name GAIAQ, became the go-to content agency for an exquisite array of top-notch brands and corporates like Hyatt, HT, OYO Rooms, Policy Bazaar, Cremica, and about a thousand more!

Having a deep-seated sense of curiosity and an inkling towards creativity, he picked on the early signs of an ever-evolving digital age way back in 2008 - even before he entered college. In his attempt to come up with a one-step solution to merge the holistic content needs of brands along with their proper exposure digitally, Aakshey founded Weaving Thoughts from a ringside seat. It perfectly equipped him with a crisp and genuine take on the industry, transforming him into the impeccable host that he is today! 

An entrepreneur by choice and a foodie by heart, Aakshey hails from Delhi and did his schooling from DPS R.K Puram. Although he did give engineering a shot in order to fulfil his tech dreams; he was, however, soon disillusioned by it and instead, found himself back on his feet while pursuing his graduation in Business Studies from the reputed College of Business Studies (CBU), Delhi University.

With Weaving Thoughts or GAIAQ - as you may call it, Aakshey Talwar has set an all-new benchmark in the digital sphere. Aakshey perceived this business as an opportunity to revamp the digital market by curating content with a twist. So, Weaving Thoughts which now mainly goes by the trade names Gaia, GaiaQ, Gaia Media, and Gaia Internet, provides all content-solution services under the sun - from drawing up an all-round business and content strategy, corporate identity, consultancy to online reputation management, digital marketing and promotion, social media content management, case studies, press releases, blogs as well as articles across industries - Aakshey’s GAIAQ certainly has a plethora of other services as well.

While the core team at GaiaQ is still pretty compact and closely knitted, it not only has an extensive array of immensely creative and experienced network of freelancers who are perfectly versed with the latest market trends, but also have a knack for turning burning topics into the most curiosity inducing content for maximum exposure across the digital space. From fashion and food to entertainment and tech - GaiaQ has the most diverse writing talent any agency can ever boast of! 

Besides being a futurist techy, Aakshey firmly believes that music is a great stimulator of the creative mind. And through his passion for audio gears and the technology that goes into audio engineering, Aakshey hopes to achieve the best synergy of creativity and reasoning through his music. Despite the success that he has witnessed, he’s a die-hard foodie who sees himself blending in all things food - be it the earthy taste of roadside dhabas, or a sophisticated five-star restaurant, he is a fan of both worlds!


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