Three Industries Bidding to Attract Gamers

If you take a look at the gaming industry, both worldwide and in India, you will see that there is a lot of money up for grabs. It is for this reason that we see a constant flow of new games created and developers constantly pushing to try and create the best possible game, to attract the most interest.

However, away from the gaming industry itself, others have taken notice of this, and they are now looking to come in and take players away onto something else very similar. Here are three industries trying to do that.

Online Lotteries :

The majority of people who play games have a competitive streak. They may not take things too seriously, but they want to win every time they play, either against the computer or against someone else.

That competitive streak sits well with lottery gaming, because it is essentially the same, you take a chance and try to win. The draw is random, not based on skill like video games are, but brings the same kind of excitement and buzz.

Finding the best online lottery in India is much easier than it has ever been before, and you don’t have to stay local either. You can attempt to win big on many lotteries from all over the world, getting involved in the big rollover jackpot draws. It is the buzz before these are drawn and the feeling that people get which many gamers can relate to, and why the industry is looking towards gamers as being potential new players.

The Casino Industry :

A quick look at the latest mobile tech news and you will see a long list of companies and entire industries that are taking advantage of mobile technology to enhance their service. The casino industry is certainly doing this, putting their games on mobile phones, which puts them directly at the side of gamers who use mobile phones to play.

Sports Betting :

If you take a look at the development of casino games, this is another indication that the industry is trying to attract gamers. Slots in particular are now more extravagant, with bonus games inside, special features and a true story line and theme running through, all of which are key components in many mobile games that people play.

Perhaps the biggest change we have seen has come with sports betting companies looking to attract gamers via eSports. The arrival of the eSports industry and competitive games means that people can now watch others play, and not only that, but thanks to sports bookmakers, people can also bet on who they want to win.

Big events such as The International, a huge Dota2 tournament, attract millions of viewers and because so many eyes are on the tournament, bookmakers offer many ways for people to bet.

Not only that, but many also offer a live stream, so you can watch the action live and bet at the same time, all while play is happening on the screen. Gaming and betting have collided thanks to eSports, giving us the biggest push from an industry that is looking to attract gamers. 


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