Ad Land’s Young Guns: Gautam Baid, Co-Founder and MD, Sunday

Gautam Baid is Co-founder and MD at Sunday. He is a first-generation entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Baid aspires to give India a world class luxury lifestyle experience with Sunday. His goal is to make the pleasures of beautifully designed furnishings and home decor more cost-effective and accessible to a larger group of people, without losing soul, or compromising on quality.

In conversation with Adgully, Gautam Baid, Co-Founder and MD, Sunday, shares the skillsets required to be a successful entrepreneur, his long term career in Furniture and design industry, his furniture and décor venture, his mantra for success in his business and more.

What particular skill sets do you think you bring to the table?

The main skill you need to exceed as an entrepreneur is to constantly keep learning. You need to keep an eye on the industry, have a strong understanding of it and understand the gaps that you can serve.

How did you start this organisation?

During the pandemic, I had time away from travel for my ongoing business to reflect on an industry level and think of where the gap lay. I realised there is a big white space in the Indian furniture and décor industry. There are topline designers and then there is a fragmented unorganised sector. I wanted to make good design and premium products accessible. This formed the genesis of Sunday into a brand which offered furniture curated to serve a certain lifestyle.

Icons in this field you look up to and how they have influenced you and your work?

This all started with my consideration of the Italian furniture design houses; Minotti, Polyform, Natuzzi; they act as a benchmark and inspiration for me, a way to say, “they can do it, so it can be done”. And then carry that mindset forward into Sunday.

What are the five most productive things that you do in your everyday routine?

I start my day with a workout and end it with a glass of wine! In between, you need to stay productive, and I designate different days to different functions and businesses that I represent.

Do you think a career in this field is a viable one in the long term?

There are many aspects within the furniture and design industry which you can dive into and be a specialist as well. This is a business which has not yet been very organised, so there are many options to be explored, including production, design, supply chain, etc. The opportunities are ripe and creativity is key in getting it right.

What does it take to succeed in a career?

You have to keep one eye on serving your customers with the best product and service and the other on the changes and evolving market environment. You need to constantly adapt and remain relevant. If you can balance these elements, then it is a good foundation for your future success.

What would be your advice to youngsters planning to enter this industry?

We must serve a need. Don’t be focused on valuation, look at the real business. If you have an honest offering, which improves the lives of people, the value actually generates from there in a very organic way.

Where do you see your organisation in five years’ time?

We aspire to be a global brand. Five years from now, we want to be present at the Milan Salone.


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