“Laptop industry is witnessing a surge in demand for gaming & creator-oriented devices"

The year 2023 started on a rollercoaster note, with an accelerated adoption of generative AI, AI chatbots, and digital innovations. This is bringing in new operational efficiencies, stronger strategies, a far greater emphasis on building deep bonds with various stakeholders and consumers. In keeping with the current market ecosystem, technology and a human approach are seen as going hand in hand.

As part of our annual TRENDING NOW series, Adgully has been approaching key industry leaders to Crystal Gaze into 2023 to highlight the major trends and developments that they see dominating the industry in the year ahead.

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In conversation with Adgully, Paramjeet Singh Mehta, Head of Marketing, Asus India, speaks about the key trends dominating the laptop industry in 2023, catering to the gaming industry, establishing an exclusive brand store expansion drive, and more.

Key trends dominating the industry in 2023

Post-pandemic, the laptop industry is witnessing a surge in demand for gaming and creator-oriented devices, driven by the specific performance requirements of these user segments. As a result, brands that traditionally have not focused on gaming and creator products have taken notice of this emerging trend and are expressing interest in entering this market segment. The recognition of the growing demand for laptops tailored to meet the unique needs of gamers and creators has prompted the brands to explore new opportunities and expand their product offerings accordingly. Keeping this in mind, we are working towards building a solid product portfolio that addresses the different needs of both segments.

In light of prevailing global dynamics and external factors that impact local consumer preferences and buying behaviours, the laptop industry has experienced a decline in demand, lately. Notably, intensified price competition within the market is becoming increasingly apparent, as companies engage in consumer financing options and sales promotion offers to entice potential buyers. These tactics are clearly communicated through various marketing channels, emphasising the industry’s competitive landscape and the value propositions available to customers.

Major expectations from 2023

In year ahead, Asus has set forth several major expectations within our sector. Firstly, leveraging our position as the first mover in the creator series laptop segment, we aim to establish a significant lead in this particular market. With our focus on delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of creators, we anticipate setting new benchmarks and capturing a substantial market share.

As leaders in the gaming laptops segment, our 2023 edition of ROG laptops incorporates the latest technology stack, positioning us as trendsetters for premium gaming customer solution requirements. By offering superior performance and unrivalled gaming experiences, we are confident in our ability to foster gaming hardware and the overall ecosystem in the country and maintain our leadership position.

Furthermore, Asus is coming up with the industry’s first Windows-based gaming console PC, the ROG ALLY. This ground-breaking innovation is set to revolutionise the gaming landscape, providing gamers with a unique and immersive experience that is unmatched by any other product on the market.

When considering the sector as a whole, we have observed a positive shift in consumer demand in the market from Q1 to Q2 2023. From a 30% degrowth at the start of the year, we have witnessed an improvement, with only a 5% degrowth in the outgoing month. Looking ahead, we anticipate a growth in demand, particularly during the upcoming festive season. This presents a significant opportunity for the sector, and we are excited to capitalise on it.

While digital channels continue to play a crucial role, we recognise the importance of offline sales channels in ensuring the availability of our products to customers. These offline channels will remain a major driving force in providing easy access to our products for discerning consumers.

Key focus areas for Asus India in 2023

Innovation is Asus’ founding pillar. Since inception, we have been actively striving towards launching solutions that are cutting-edge and extend ease to customers and aspire to do the same in the future. Further, we are working towards building and enhancing a seamless sales and after-sales network via our defined online and offline channels to ensure that our audience gets the desired experiences before purchasing our state-of-the-art products.

With deeper penetration of broadband and the introduction of 5G Internet in the country, we foresee a growth in demand from the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and to cater to the same, we will be actively working towards bolstering our store network. We intend to establish an exclusive brand store expansion drive and simultaneous partner onboarding in non-metro cities.

The company is targeting to have 300 AES by the end of 2023 by adding at least 20 stores every quarter this year. Asus is backed by an extensive omnichannel retail strategy and has a strong retail network across the country that caters to diverse consumer segments. Our stores are built to enhance customer experience, it is an avenue for them to witness brand’s innovation across consumer PCs, gaming laptops, creator series, all-In-one desktops and accessories that add to our overall value propositions.


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