Colgate Maxfresh Brings a Twist to Sunday Times with 'Ulta Pulta' Print Ad

In a creative collaboration between Colgate Maxfresh, Ogilvy and Wavemaker, a refreshing breeze of innovation has surprised the readers in an unexpected way.

The renowned toothpaste brand, known for its cool and invigorating effects, has ingeniously crafted an idea that promises to turn the Sunday Times into an 'Ulta Pulta' experience.

As you flip open the first page of the Times of India, you're greeted with a sight that might make you do a double take. Every article, every headline – all presented with images turned upside down, creating the illusion of a printing mishap. The ingenious brainchild of Ogilvy ensures that from the get-go, readers are nudged out of their Sunday morning slumber.

But the twist doesn't end there. Turn the page, and you'll find a visual narrative that ties it all together. A man peacefully dozing amidst the humming printing press, accompanied by the headline "Neend mein hogaya na ulta-pulta"

This strategic play on words perfectly aligns with Colgate Maxfresh's promise to awaken and invigorate.

Positioned alongside the tagline "Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao"

the toothpaste product is seamlessly integrated into the storyline, reinforcing the message that a burst of freshness awaits those who choose to embrace the unexpected.

In an era where capturing attention is an art form, Colgate Maxfresh, with the support of its creative partners, has masterfully transformed a simple print ad into an immersive and memorable encounter.


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