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Dabur launches Dabur's Ratnaprash SugarFree!

Dabur India Ltd, the pioneer and undisputed leader in the branded Chyawanprash category,announced the launch of its latest offering Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree, a power-packed formula specially designed to help fights fatigue and help keep them active all-day long. Enriched with the power of potent Ayurvedic ingredients like Moti, Kesar, Musali, Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree has been specially developed for those who feel the need help to  rebuild strength, stamina, vigour, vitality and energy that's drained by the stress of day-to-day living.

Backed by the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda and prepared after extensive research, Dabur Ratnaprash Sugar-Free helps one feel the power of Youth. Dabur Ratnaprash Sugar-Free is available in two sizes: 450g (for Rs 305) and 900g (for Rs 590). Dabur also announced Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor as the brand ambassador for Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree.

This marks a first for Dabur and for the healthcare industry in India. Consumers have always sworn by the health benefits of Dabur Chyawanprash with Dabur Ratanprash SugarFree we are now offering the health benefits of Dabur Ratanprash in a sugar-free form that makes it more appealing to the health-conscious consumers. We have further enriched it with precious ingredients like Moti, Kesar, Musali to give you all-day-long energy and vigour,” Dabur India Ltd Category Head-Health Supplements Mr. Ajay Parihar said.

We are all leading life in the fast lane today and constantly juggling our highly demanding professional and personal lives, which is taking a toll on our vigour and vitality. In this fast-paced life, it is extremely important to not just boost your immunity, but also feel refreshed and say goodbye to your day’s worries and lethargy. Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree gives you the energy & stamina to keep you going all day long. It has been designed specially to give the power of youth to those who feel that the stress of day-to-day living leaves them drained of energy and they no longer have the energy and stamina of their youth. So, it's time to feel Young with Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree. This launch comes at a time when Dabur is putting in a concerted effort at expanding the category and usage of Chyawanprash. Dabur’s entry into the premium sugar-free segment with Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree is yet another step in this direction, and given the strong equity of our products we are sure that this will certainly win consumer confidence,” Mr Parihar added.

Key Ingredients in Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree:

Dabur Ratnaprash SugarFree is packed with some potent and precious natural ingredients like Moti, Kesar & Musli.

Moti: Throughout history, the pearl, with its warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence, has been one of the most highly prized and sought-after gems. Moti, an age-old medicine is good for skin and helps to get youthful appearance. It benefits human system by its health promoting and healing properties. By providing strength, it helps in stress reduction, and energizes the body.

Kesar: Saffron, a spice derived from the dried stigmas of saffron (Crocus Sativus), has remained one of the world's most valuable herb. Saffron has found many uses over the years, from being used as a seasoning, fragrance, dye and for medicine. Saffron is used as health restorative and helps keep one energetic & active. It is good for the skin and, therefore, finds its usage in various skin conditions.

Musli: In Ayurvedic literature, Safed Musli is known for its health promoting medicinal properties. It is one of the chief ingredients in the preparation of over a hundred Ayurvedic formulations. Safed Musli is a unique gift of nature to mankind since time immemorial. It acts as a vitalizer and strength promoter, besides helping in improving immunity.


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