“Extramarks aims to inform, inspire and interact via unique & relevant storytelling”

In its bid to celebrate learning through education, entertainment and inspiration, Extramarks has launched a two-day learning and recreational festival – ‘Extramarks (EM) Weekender’. The virtual event is being designed to be a rich and immersive experience for students, parents, and educators from the comfort of their homes.

Extramarks has always had approached unique methods that extends beyond traditional learning structures like classrooms and books, and this ‘EM Weekender’ will make this fest extra special by hosting various live sessions in the form of virtual talks and workshops led by renowned storytellers, inspirational achievers, and impact creators across domains such as nutrition, mental health, parenting, creativity, photography, music, entrepreneurship, public speaking and many more.

In an exclusive interaction with Adgully, Neha Mishra, Vice President - Marketing (Brand Experiences), Extramarks Education, speaks about the importance of EM Weekender, its impact on the masses, future events and a lot more.

What is the purpose of Mission & Vision behind conducting EM Weekender for the first time? 

At Extramarks, we believe that learning should extend beyond classrooms and books. It should be an experience, a celebration, and each day can teach us something new. With a vision of making education fun and accessible anytime, anywhere, Extramarks aims to inform, inspire and interact via unique and relevant storytelling. With EM Weekender, we want to bring the joy of learning alive by fusing in various topics of interest and bringing three key audiences together; the student, the parent, and the educator. 

How is this going to impact the masses, parents and students? How will this lead to the growth of the brand?

We want to change the narrative on how education is perceived and make it more accessible to students and educators, including parents. As a brand, we are focused on delivering value beyond our product, and there is no better way to do that than to approach learning holistically. As a complete digital learning solutions provider, we take pride in our product, its offerings, and the broad spectrum of features we offer from K-12 to test prep. Our partnership with 10,000+ leading schools in India demonstrates the faith put in by the education community in our end-to-end learning solutions that connect learners and teachers in digitally enabled classrooms. Our growth is further amplified by creating experiences that help our customers grow beyond just the product. 

How is EM Weekender unique to other EdTech Virtual Events? What will interest the students and parents to be a part of it?

Extramarks Weekender is a universal platform for students, parents and educators to enhance horizons of their knowledge and learning experiences. We believe parents and educators play an equally important part in students' educational journey. The event adds value and caters to all three audiences, addressing topics from their perspective.  

The focus on topics across recreation and learning makes it very interesting. From a parent's view of empowering their children to a professional's take on how they made their passion a career. From mental health to nutrition and fitness to public speaking and phone photography - we've touched upon real-life stories and situations to make it something everyone will connect with easily. Education, entertainment, and inspiration come to you in the form of one weekend with multiple experiences. 

Are there any plans for organizing such events in the future?

Absolutely yes! Our experiences division will create one-of-a-kind dialogues and interactions across different audience categories. Across online and offline formats, these events will be held for an audience based across the country. 

How is Extramarks promoting and encouraging students throughout the pandemic? What unique approaches are being used that extend beyond traditional learning structures?

The pandemic has been challenging for students, parents and educators alike. We’ve always believed in the tried and tested pedagogy of learn-practice-test. At Extramarks, we have always encouraged consistency and discipline. Our overarching goal is to inspire students to continue exploring their educational journey with regular practice and discipline while indulging in healthy recreational avenues. 

Our unique approach to creating this balance between education and recreation is exemplified in the experiences we bring to our customers on the product and the interaction front. This approach is also reflected in our flagship product, Extramarks - The Learning App. This one-stop learning destination for all educational courses that goes beyond traditional learning structures and leverages rich media modules for interactive, inclusive and personalized learning with a critical focus on conceptual clarity.


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