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Kauravas and Pandavas face off again on the moral grounds of Dharmakshetra

Mahabharata told the tale of the Kauravas and the Pandavas, their numerous personal conflicts, ethical puzzles, subplots, and twists that paved the way to the most powerful yet destructive battles of all time. But the protagonists and the antagonists have never got an opportunity to present their side of the story. All these characters have walked the thin line between just and unjust, fair and unfair, deceit and loyalty, betrayal and duty, and now must face the consequences of their actions. Several questions lie buried in the ruins of history.

DHARMAKSHETRA, a courtroom drama, unearths these buried questions and allows the legendary characters of Mahabharata to justify their actions for the very first time. As with the original Mahabharata, Dharmakshetra has many intriguing facets for us. On a primary level, Dharmakshetra attempts to ask these key unanswered questions about the characters and their choices, while at the same time, highlights the lesser known facts about the story we thought we knew.

In a post-apocalyptic trial, held in Maharaj Chitragupta’s court, the seeming villains ‘Kauravas’ will be seen accusing the so called heroes ‘Pandavas’ and vice versa. After hearing the prosecution and the defense, Chitragupta delivers his judgment. Catch the first look of the show on

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