Lay's latest friendship day film showcases The Real Flavours of Life

Lay’s, world’s favorite potato chip brand, takes its proposition of ‘The Real Flavours of Life’ a step further with a new film on Friendship Day called College Canteen + No Network = #RealFlavoursOfLife.

With nearly 478 million Internet mobile users in India who are predominantly youngsters under the age of 25 (IAMAI Report 2018) Lay’s decides to ask, ‘Have we forgotten to enjoy the real flavours of life?’ The recent film serves as an encouragement for all youngsters to look up from their screens and tune into the real moments of life.

Shot at a college canteen in Mumbai the film brings alive a routine scenario in every college canteen. The curtain rises to a bunch of youngsters in a canteen --- heads bent, eyes locked to their phone screens, fingers scrolling through notifications and hearts pumping in anticipation of the next update.  While some are engrossed playing games others continue to click selfies, but didn’t let the phone slip away.

And then the forbidden happens…No Network! the network in the canteen was jammed.

As everybody looks up from their phone screens, the film goes onto capture their reactions from anger to confusion and absolute disappointment at not being able to access the net. At this point, some decide to leave for the quest of network while others decided to stay on. What we observed was, that the students started to get-together to have a conversation, played a game or two of ‘flip the bottle’ and were seen enjoying the strumming of the guitar by a student in the canteen. 

The film portrays the transition of students from being lost in their own world to celebrating the real moments with their friends even when the network on their phone had returned.

Talking about the film, Mr. Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, Western Snacks Category, PepsiCo India, said, “Experience is the new social currency for the youth today. That’s why, they are busy showcasing the experience and sometimes miss living it fully. With this film we aim to encourage people to tune out for a bit, look up from their phone screens and feel the moments they are living in. Life after all is in the little moment of happiness, togetherness and so much more that Lay’s stands for.”



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