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MTV KaisiYehYaariaan announces Season 2 with brand new faces

The much loved teen drama that captured the attention of millions of young people across the nation and beyond, MTV KaisiYehYaariaan - the No. 1 youth fiction show in India, began an all new journey with the launch of season two this week and a brand new entry on the show in the form of the dashing young actor Yuvraj Thakur. Season one of this blockbuster show ended on a truly nail-biting note as fans were left guessing about the future of their favourite characters on the show including the lead characters and the fate of the Fab 5. While the show will be bidding a bittersweet goodbye to a couple of beloved friends from the Fab 5, fans will get to see some exciting new characters entering the show to keep the story fresh and interesting.

MTV KaisiYehYaariaan has been the No. 1 fiction show in the youth genre in India week after week and recently, it has been occupying the No. 1 slot right from the very first week of its launch. With over 200,000 fans on Facebook and 55 million+ views on YouTube, the show has clearly been the biggest and the most popular fiction show in the youth genre in recent years. Along with entertaining viewers with exciting twists and turns and a fairy tale romance, the show also created a cult following for the stars of the show - Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor, Ayaz Ahmed, Utkarsh Gupta, Charlie Chauhan and Veebha Anand amongst others.

Shedding light on the new season and the various changes that it will bring along with it, Aditya Swamy, Head of MTV said, “We had a fabulous run with MTV KaisiYehYaariaan and it’s incredible how in one year the Fab 5 have got so much love from the viewers. And now in true MTV style, we change the game when we are right on top. As we start season two, you will see new characters and new stories which will reflect the ever changing world of young people. The Nandini (Niti) and Manik (Parth) love story comes to an end as we embark on a new journey. Parth who was launched on the show and has got such a massive fan following in this short time, steps out of the show and all of us at MTV are so proud of what he has achieved and wish him the very best for the next phase of this career. Niti who has been such a central part of the show will continue to the delight of her fans and we will see her role develop interestingly in season 2. At the same time, I am truly excited to welcome Yuvraj to the MTV and MTV KaisiYehYaariaan family and given his credentials I am sure he will add a lot of freshness to the show. I look forward to season 2 ruling the charts as we have done for the last 250 episodes.”

ParthSamthaan’s exit from the show caused a mini tsunami of emotions amongst fans who adored his character – Manik Malhotra and his love story with Nandini. However, as season one came to an end, Parth has exited the show. Speaking about his departure from the show, Parth said, “I wish all the very best to the entire cast and unit. I truly hope that MTV KaisiYehYaariaan becomes a bigger hit than it was. I had the most memorable journey and I thank each and every one on the show for this. Most importantly, I would like to thank MTV and BBC for being there for me and helping me always.”

Speaking about the new season, Niti Taylor who plays Nandini on the show said, "MTV KaisiHaiYaariaan has truly been a life changing experience for me. It makes me so happy to be a part of this hit show and I'm looking forward to the new season, new storyline and of course, new cast members to work with! I'm super excited for season 2 and hope it does really well!"

As the season two of the show begins, we are expected to see some new characters joining the cast of MTV KaisiYehYaariaan, one of them being young talented actor Yuvraj Singh. Speaking about his entry into this iconic youth show, Yuvraj said, “I am super excited to be a part of a show that has fans going crazy over every minor twist and turn in it. In India, I don’t think I’ve come across a show that’s generated this kind of fan following in a long long time. And to be a part of a show of such a caliber is truly exhilarating. I hope, that my performance on MTV KaisiYehYaariaan is liked by the fans and they shower me with the same love and adoration that the current cast of the show enjoys. I promise to do my best to make the fans of the show happy.”

The show, MTV KaisiYehYaariaan, that is currently driving the youth across the country crazy with its intense storyline and loveable characters is currently the No. 1 show in the genre and has been the top rated show ever since it hit the tube last year. MTV KaisiYehYaariaan airs from Monday to Thursday at 6:30 PM, only on MTV.


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