Pi Datametrics appoints Ventes Avenues as Exclusive Representative

Pi Datametrics is a UK-based marketing technology solution that enables corporations to significantly increase market visibility and drive sales through organic search. Pi has appointed Ventes Avenues as its exclusive representative for the India market. The fast-changing digital landscape requires businesses to keep up with growing customer trends and insights. Pi provides a wealth of digital intelligence data to businesses, in equity, content performance, commerce, and brand marketing - allowing them to keep up with the market demands.

Why Pi?

Pi Datametrics is a one-view dashboard that enables you to understand and visualize online commercial opportunities as well as potential, against the backdrop of your entire market landscape. This Business Intelligence Platform will help brands to analyze performance, monitor industry trends, and discover new opportunities to put their content in front of the most valuable searches.

Benefits of Pi Datametrics:

1. Market Intelligence: Collect and analyse the data to identify your position in the market, potential opportunities and to turn millions of lines of market intelligence into meaningful business insights.
2. Search Engine Optimisation: Ensure web assets are discoverable, relevant, and authoritative in order to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your site.
3. Content Strategy: Plan for the creation, delivery, and monitoring of ‘Value-driving’ content for your business.
4. Brand Management: Monitor reputation and improve audience perception of a brand in order to build awareness, equity, and loyalty.
5. Strategic Decision-making: Use the unique features of Pi to build a strategy with value-led search opportunities.

Sam Silverwood-Cope, Director, Pi Datametrics commented, “We’re really excited to work with the smart team at Ventes Avenues. We've found that in all the markets we've entered, the very best partners are the ones who want to disrupt, to challenge the hegemony and to have an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. Ventes Avenue fits this profile ideally. Pi was not built to replicate the quick, generic and simple solutions in the marketplace. It was built to deal with the strategic issues that face a business looking to grow its organic search performance. We've
found that large Indian corporations with big ambitions are no longer satisfied with using the same plug-and-play software that is also used by sole traders and freelancers. Our enterprise grade SEO solution is a perfect match for these businesses.” Niloufer Dundh, Founder & CEO, Ventes Avenues commented,

“Our partnership with Pi Datametrics marks another milestone for Ventes Technology Solutions. We are extremely confident that this platform will help brands to make strategic decisions while building on their business intelligence data. Pi Datametrics will change the marketing technology space in India and help brands with insightful data. We are happy to be associated with the Pi team and look forward to doing some great work together.” Pi will help brands to deliver more value, holistic insights, and understand more opportunities.

We are happy to partner with Pi in the India market. We look forward to doing some great work together.


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