R Sridhar decodes the technique to unlock the real power of ideation

Why are bright managers unable to think differently? Why are ideation sessions not as productive as managers would like them to be? Why do senior leaders kill ideas when their support is most needed? 

R Sridhar’s recently launched book, ‘Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation’ – answers these and many more tough questions. Over the years, the former Director at Ogilvy & Mather has built up a formidable reputation as an innovation facilitator and idea coach. 

Few years back when Sridhar and his client were having a discussion, he told the client about how much he had learnt from his boss and mentor, SR Ayer, former Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather, from other senior colleagues and clients. It was when the client remarked, “Isn’t it time you gave back to society and repaid your debt, as you have a wealth of experience?”, that triggered the idea of writing a book. 

‘Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation’ is targeted at anyone who is unhappy with status quo and wants to improve things. It could be the CEO, CMO, HR Head, people from R&D, advertising agency planners, people in market research or anyone who is looking to think differently and wants to do better. One may call the book a ‘How To’ book. The book even provides step by step instructions on how to conduct an ideation session. 

Speaking on what sets his book apart from books on similar topics written by other media veterans, Sridhar pointed out that his book is about thinking differently by using an ideation process that he has shared and doing better. At the same time, he admitted that when he started writing the book, his own challenge was to fight procrastination and occasional self doubt about whether people will find the book useful. 

Sridhar considers his journey over the last 17 years in advertising and direct marketing as a consultant, coach and facilitator to help clients think differently and do better as most exciting and rewarding. According to him, while the younger generation found it easier to innovate, the older generation needed a little more encouragement and support. 

Commenting on the role that ideation played in today’s data rich and digital marketing landscape, Sridhar said, “Data is powerful. How do you slice and dice data? That requires a creative ‘What if’ mindset. Ideation plays an extremely important role in analytics, interpretation and application of data. The way a person analyses data and uses it will differentiate him from the predictable, boring and ordinary. The difference is the quality of ideas that he generates from his analytics. All analysts are not equal. It is not only their data analytics ability, but also their ideation ability that will differentiate them from the ordinary.” 

Also present at the launch were S Ramadorai, Former Vice-Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services, Former Chairman, National Skill Development Agency & National Skill Development Corporation; BS Nagesh, Founder, TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India); and Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather.


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