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Tata Motors Tribute to Truckers, Essential workers and their families

The world is going through an upheaval.  As Ramadan is celebrated across the globe, we decided to inject a spirit of positivity and goodness among people with a message that we believe in - little acts of goodness towards one another can help us overcome these turbulent times together.

After deliberating over many ideas, we chose to narrate a simple yet impactful story of a little boy who brings alive the true spirit of goodness in a way that inspires us too.

In the film, inspired by his father, the son who is a truck driver, has chosen to stay away from home during Ramadan to help deliver essentials commodities. The son decides to fetch essentials on his bicycle for the elders in his neighbourhood because they can’t step out.

Through this film, we at Tata Motors also has the opportunity to salute those who have chosen to serve in the holy month of Ramadan, amidst Covid 19

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy India: “When we do good, we inspire everyone. And the world needs a lot of good right now. This is a story that salutes those who have ensured that no matter how grave the risk, no home goes hungry.” 

Rudrarup Maitra, Vice President - Tata Motors CV International Business: “Through this film, Tata Motors salutes all those who have chosen to carry on amidst the pandemic and serve selflessly in the holy month of Ramadan and beyond. The custodians of our supply chain are the unsung heroes who have managed to deliver our daily bread and helped us maintain some normalcy in our interrupted lives by risking their own at every moment. In these unprecedented times of global pandemic, the contribution of these Heroes on Wheels is immense. They face a grave risk moving from place to place not knowing what to expect but knowing that they must deliver to fulfill the needs of others.

The film is Tata Motors’ tribute to the unsung heroes of our everyday lives and their unwavering spirit and determination."


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