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TikTok Offers Innovative Brand Solutions for this Festive Season

Ahead of this year's Diwali season, TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, has introduced ad formats that enable brands to maximise their visibility during this festive season.

TikTok’s 2018 Diwali campaigns, #HappyDiwali and #GlamDiwali, broke records by amassing close to 2 billion views throughout the week-long celebration. Ahead of this year's Diwali season, TikTok offers brands, ad solutions which are tailor-made to their requirements. "With countless brands vying for consumers' attention, specifically during the festive season, the need for innovative marketing is at warp speed. This is why brands are also looking to deepen their connection with digital media. TikTok’s ad formats allow brands to engage with their audience in addition to increasing their affinity with digital natives. We are looking forward to seeing how these solutions help brands leverage the richness of the internet without hampering the user experience," said Sachin Sharma, Director, Sales and Partnerships, TikTok India.

Brands have been uncovering the true potential of TikTok, as it emerges as the most popular and engaging content creation platform for a lot of new internet users in the country. With innovative solutions such as short videos, Brand Takeover, In-feed Native Video, Hashtag challenge and Branded lenses to further increase the ad impact, TikTok has become a go-to platform for advertisers. 

Brand Takeover is a gateway for digital traffic and with full screen vertical display, it assists advertisers to take a dominant visual position to achieve brand exposure. 

In-feed Native Video allows for more immersive, original, and interactive format for ads, which is designed to trigger more in-depth interactions from the users.

Brand lens, is designed with cutting edge technology and is tailor made for advertisers. TikTok has various easy to use lenses designed for the new generation of creators. For example,  2D facial lens, Multi-screen lens, Raindrop control lens, Hair dye lens and Cosmetic lens. This technology empowers creators and give brands an instantaneous connection with the target audience. 
Hashtag Challenge,  can be leveraged by brands who are seeking insights from the digital community, aimed to trigger more high-quality content and explore the most engaging way for branding. TikTok’s Hashtag Challenges have become a cult globally. 

A one-stop brand solution with over 200 million users in India, TikTok  has given brands an unprecedented opportunity to not only connect with a vibrant community, but also engage with the audience.

Join TikTok and be part of its vibrant community of talented users by participating in creative in-app campaigns and initiatives. Download the app on iOS and Google Play.


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