&TV presents a ‘Passionate HATE story’ with Siddhivinayak

Bollywood is not just about the rich and the famous, glitter or glam! ‘Behind-the-scenes’ run a parallel story that often doesn’t meet the eye and unfolding one such tale is&TV’s newest fiction offering Siddhivinayak. A passionate hate story, Siddhivinayak is set against the backdrop of Bollywood starring an upcoming actor, Vinayak Kundra (Nitin Goswami), and a junior dancer, Siddhi Joshi (Neha Saxena). The only thing common between Siddhi and Vinayak is their mutual feeling of hatred. This hatred will give rise to rebels; this hatred will distance both siddhi and Vinayak… but can hatred define the destiny of these two individuals? Watch Siddhivinayak light up your screen starting 26th October, every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM on &TV.

Produced by Studio B & M, Siddhivinayak captures the essence of every emotion be it - hatred, drama, power or love with an extremely impactful narrative. The hero of this story is the son of a famous Bollywood producer and doesn’t think twice before flaunting it – Vinayak, a.k.a Vin Kundra whilst the heroine is a junior dancer in a troupe that performs in films – Siddhi Joshi, a.k.a Siddhu. Working together is a part of their profession, but hating each other with a vengeance has become their passion! It is hatred that will get them closer to each other only to set them apart. “Laati Hai Paas Door Jaane Ke Liye, Nafrat Hi Hai Bani In Deewano Ke Liye…”

Speaking about the show, Rajesh Iyer, Business Head, &TV said, “Love stories have always excited Indian audiences and is integral to a GEC’s content play. Given the demand for such narratives, we thought of presenting a contemporary amalgamation of Bollywood and romance to the viewers with our latest offering Siddhivinayak, a passionate hate story. Bollywood and the life of stars have always raised curiosity and the story of Siddhi and Vinayak, packed with passion, hate, drama and romance, will provide an exciting journey of a Film star and his tryst with a junior dancer.”

Adding further, producer Prashant Bhatt said, "Siddhivinayak will give the audience a closer look into the life of a Bollywood star, Vin, and his unusual relationship with a junior dancer, Siddhi. Unusual because it’s not love but hatred that brings him closer to Siddhi.  The show is an attempt go beyond the regular love stories and present to viewers a unique and passionate hate story. The grandeur of the set has been designed keeping in mind the life of a superstar and the Bollywood industry where the audience will definitely enjoy the look and feel of the show. Bollywood is close to everyone’s heart and the right mix of romance in it, makes Siddhivinayak a unique proposition for the audience.”

Commenting on portraying Vinayak’s character, Nitin Goswami said, “Its intriguing to play the role of a superstar and live every man’s dream through Siddhivinayak. The experience has been amazing so far. The way Vin balances his stardom and arrogance is something audiences will love to watch. Siddhivinayak is unlike anything I have ever seen on television and I am really excited to be a part of such an outstanding storyline.”

Adding further, Neha Saxena essaying the role of Siddhi Joshi said, “Siddhi’s character is that of an ideal daughter which every family desires. The fact that she is the bread earner of the family never stops her from chasing her dreams as a dancer. The strong narrative of the show adds to the character of Siddhi, and viewers at every step will come across an interesting character trait. I am coming back with a bang and hope the viewers will enjoy and support my new journey.”

Siddhivinayak features a stellar line-up of artists who will be joining Nitin Goswami and Neha Saxena on the show. These include popular actors like Manish Khanna as Shankar Kundra (Vinayak’s father), Utkarsha Naik as Manjari Kundra (Vinayak’s mother), Anjali Gupta as Savita Joshi (Siddhi’s mother), Prithvi Sankala as Aniket Joshi (Siddhi’s father) and many more.

Witness the Passionate Hate story of Siddhi and Vinayak unfold starting 26th October, every Monday to Friday at9:00PM on &TV


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