&TV’s Baal Shiv: Devi Parvati takes Goddess Durga's form to kill Mahisasur

Yet another interesting highpoint will be coming up in &TV’s Baal Shiv, where the audience will witness the fierce form of Maa Durga, played by Shivya Pathania, who will kill Mahisasur (Pankaj Kumar). Mahisasur’s vadh will add an interesting twist to the tale. As he kidnaps Sumati (Saachi Tiwari), Baal Shiv (Aan Tiwari) gets furious and decides to kill him. However, Baal Shiv cannot kill Mahisasur because he has Brahma Dev’s boon, which states that no male can kill him and only a female can destroy him. Devi Parvati, who has taken birth as Devi Katyayani (Trisha Ashish Sarda), turns Maa Durga to destroy him.

Talking about the track, Shivya Pathania essaying Devi Parvati’s character, shares, “Mahisashur is egotistical and exploits women. When Mahisasur discovers that Devi Parvati has taken birth to destroy him, he immediately kidnaps all women, including Sumati. Bhringi tells Katyayan that one cannot be happy without worshipping Lord Shiva because he and Shakti are one. Katyayan, therefore, starts worshipping Shivling. As Baal Shiv rescues Sumati from Mahisasur 's captivity, Katyayani goes inside Amarnath guffa and turns into Parvati, where she gets flashes of how Mahadev had explained it to her about their meeting for many births and separation due to incompetence. As she gets out of this flash, she hears Katyayan’s call to kill Mahisasur and gets furious. She reaches Vindhyachal Mountain on a lion and announces his death. They have a huge battle, and she manages to kill him. It is a very powerful character, and one must work with many expressions, especially fierceness. It got the best out of me. I feel blessed to get to essay so many different forms of Devi Parvati in a single show, offering so much versatility and a great amount of learning. Through this, I have not only got to experience and discover many aspects of Devi Parvati but also learned a lot from her character, like to be courageous and stand for oneself.” Pankaj Kumar essaying Mahisasur’s character, adds, “I have played several characters on Indian television, each being a great learning experience. While I have played both positive and negative parts, I somehow always enjoy the evil ones more. The villain’s role is always fascinating, intricate and intriguing. They are flawed, powerful, and devious, and the audience can identify with such human frailties and thoroughly enjoy watching evil-minded and monstrous characters as much as do-gooders. So, it has been a wonderful experience for me, even though it is a short stint. But I am sure the audience will find this storyline compelling. I am super excited and look forward to the audience’s response.”


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