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Twitter bans climate change denial ads

On this Earth Day, Twitter has announced a ban on all the ads which make claims that contradict scientific consensus on climate change and its impacts. The anti-climate change ads will be banned under Twitter’s inappropriate content policy. Authoritative sources like Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports will help determine the platform what is correct and what is not. Taking a look on the current evolving climate change crisis, this is said to be a very good initiative and it makes complete sense.

Earlier this month, Pinterest announced a full ban on climate change misinformation in its posts and ads while in October, Google announced that it would prohibit ads and monetisation of YouTube videos that deny climate change. Meta considers climate change in its ‘sensitive topics’ which prevents brands from targeting ads on such topics; but there is no specific policy in place to stop these ad content.

This is a good effort because, again, scientific consensus is that human activity is a key contributor to global warming. By addressing the issue of climate change at a stretch to everyone, one can contribute to better future. Now, it is believed that other platforms will too take a step forward and make climate change denial a serious matter that needs to be dealt with.


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