Unique print ads & Unity Bars – how Cadbury made Independence Day special

Unity in India’s diversity was the theme of Cadbury’s Independence Day campaign in print – the Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore editions of Economic Times, to be precise. The brand highlighted “Sweet Things Happen, when we unite” on the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day.

Cadbury’s print campaign was a twist on the vast language diversity of India. While brands release campaigns in regional languages specific to a particular region, Cadbury’s print ad copies featured a Kannada headline in the Mumbai edition, Telugu headline in the Delhi edition and a Marathi headline in the Bengaluru edition.

Along with the print campaign, Cadbury also launched a limited edition Unity Chocolate Bar priced at Rs 73, which is available only on Flipkart.

“Doing a special edition Unity chocolate bar at Rs 73 to celebrate India’s 73rd Independence Day is a smart move that cleverly builds Cadbury’s into yet another celebratory moment and at the same time underlines a social message. For impulse categories like chocolates, it is important to give consumers a reason to buy and to cue usage occasions around fun moments. The headline in a regional language is a nice touch too,” remarked Lloyd Mathias, Angel Investor and former marketing head of HP Inc. Asia-Pacific region.

The campaign was also supplemented by a digital engagement on their social media handles. The follow video film showcasing their Unity Bar was released.

The brand cleverly leveraged the digital channel to drive impulse buys on Independence Day for people who want to gift chocolates to their friends and family or to themselves. When IRS 2019 Q1 data was released, Economic Times claimed that over 60 per cent of their readers are young, below 30 years of age and 400,000 to 600,000 new readers of the newspaper were below 40, which indicates the target audience that the print ad is meant to resonate with.

Owing to the limited edition of the stock, Cadbury had cautioned users to purchase the product quickly before it ran out. At the of filing this report on August 15, 2019, Cadbury seems to have run out of stock of the Unity bar on Flipkart, which shows ‘Sold Out’.

The purchasing intent of the consumer might be hindered due to two hiccups in the consumer journey. The delivery of the product is scheduled for August 19, making consumers wait for a considerable period until they receive their Unity bars. Another aspect is the discoverability of the item. During the initial hours of the release of the product, typing Cadbury Unity Bar took you to a page with handbags rather than the chocolate. Neither do the social media posts, nor the home page of Flipkart, give users, any indication on how to locate the product. However, news portals that covered the story did share a link to the Flipkart product page.

This is different from their Cadbury Celebrations ad for Raksha Bandhan, where the audience are clearly guided through the gifting process on the Amazon.in homepage.

Consumer have reacted positively to this advertisement and shared their appreciation of the brands efforts on social media.


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