Ventes Avenues launches its proprietary Adtech Platforms

Ventes Avenues launches its proprietary Adtech Platforms
Ventes Avenues launches its proprietary Adtech Platforms

Ventes Avenues is a Mobile AdTech Company specializing in Mobile Performance, Branding, Technology, and Audience Solutions. We are a preferred display and performance marketing partner to several leading international publishers. We build teams around our publishers and work with over 200 advertisers and digital agencies across campaigns to help them meet their brand solution objectives. Since our inception, our vision has been to up the ante in technology and market precision in mobile advertising.

We wanted to create our own clutter-breaking platforms, which would defy the inherited dependence of working with multiple publishers. This led to the birth of Ventes Avenues’ in-house platforms - Attrimob and Apptomizer. Our science is built around precise audience targeting, and we utilize our first-party data to offer advanced targeting options by layering additional third-party data platforms.

Attrimob is our worldwide performance platform, which largely focuses on Direct inventories, Premium publishers and OEMs. The primary aim of this platform is to bring better quality audiences and help brands achieve their KPIs. We have partnered with major OEMs in India and 90% of OEMs worldwide. The main objective of Attrimob is to optimize web and app performance to drive conversions, leads, visits and sales. We can also help brands with performance remarketing to increase user engagement with the support of premium brand inventory. Our platform is integrated with leading MMPs. Currently, we are engaging with 50+ global brands, including OTT, short video, e-commerce, travel, and BFSI.

Apptomizer is our branding platform modelled to deliver direct and programmatic campaigns via Exclusive PMP deals to our exclusive and non-exclusive publisher partners. 

Apptomizer is a tailor-made managed solution for your audience-targeted campaigns. Our platform can be leveraged for accurate targeting to reach your precise audiences; audiences are crafted on the basis of first and third-party data sets that our platform is powered with.

The platform aims to improve viewability, enhance brand safety, and surpass market expectations. Advertisers will be able to leverage the Top 100+ supply partners’ audiences via our platform in the India market.

The objective is to use first and third-party data to generate better ROI and LTV for brands, along with better targeting opportunities. Our platform is Google Viewability, IAS, and Neilson mDAR certified for tracking with a robust reporting system. Our recent partnership with Wagawin Technology will enhance the delivery of rich media ads as a form factor and offer interactivity in video and banner ads. Brands can use this first-party ad interaction data to remarket their audience.

Reflecting on the process, Balamurugan Mani, Co-founder-Ventes Avenues says, “Our highly-skilled tech team worked round the clock during the lockdown to build these two Adtech platforms. After a great deal of planning, coordination, brainstorming and execution we are extremely confident about delivering the highest quality campaigns with our world-class technology. We are committed to bringing AI-based optimizations to both these platforms to ensure our campaigns are delivered seamlessly without the need for manual optimization.”

The magnitude of Adtech is increasing exponentially. The surging demand for the latest technological solutions is a major driving force that will lead to the advent of Adtech platforms in the coming years. Our goal is to continue building state-of-the-art SAAS-based AdTech products for organizations interested in Ad serving, optimising spending, navigating growth and delivering the desired results. 


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