GAIL’s initiative Hawa Badlo raises awareness with Air Pollution Ka Alarm campaign

With increasing medical evidence that air pollution is reducing life spans of people, GAIL (India) Limited has launched a digital campaign to raise awareness about its harmful effects on our everyday lives and encourage people to share photos and videos whenever they encounter activities causing air pollution.

The campaign titled ‘Air Pollution Ka Alarm” has been launched through GAIL’s Hawa Badlo initiative. Under this, a number of posts, reels and short stories are being published through Hawa Badlo’s digital platforms. The centre piece of the campaign is a short film on #AirPollutionKaAlarm which has been released on Hawa Badlo’s Youtube channel.

The short film captures a conversation between a woman and her two daughters- in- law on various fitness and wellness regimes post their morning fitness activity. The elder daughter-in-law has a nagging cough while the younger one uses an inhaler from time to time. Despite their high level of awareness on modern wellness schemes, they seemed to have missed the moot point of air pollution, which is risking everyone.

Set in a backdrop of an empty jogger’s park where children have abandoned swings and only a handful of joggers can be seen, the film clearly shows air pollution as a deterrent in basic daily activities. The mother-in-law rises to the occasion by the climax of the film and points out that no wellness programme will yield results unless we fight air pollution by mouthing the campaign baseline ‘Alarm Baja’. She then summarizes the immediate steps to be taken to counter air pollution - switching to CNG for vehicles and piped gas at home.

Speaking about the latest campaign of Hawa Badlo, S. Halder, Executive Director said, “Hawa Badlo is our ongoing initiative to spread awareness about air pollution and educate the masses to switch to cleaner fuel. During its journey, it came to light that while people are aware of the harmful effects of polluting fuels, they are ignorant of solutions to address the problem. The campaign has adapted to build awareness of the energy alternatives available and galvanize people into adopting natural gas and other cleaner energy sources for a cleaner and sustainable lifestyle”.

With the vision of a better environment with cleaner energy, GAIL has been playing a vital role to build a mass movement for accelerated transition towards a cleaner energy mix. With the primary aim to sensitize people on the harmful effects of air pollution, GAIL initiated the Hawa Badlo (Change the Air) campaign, an independent people’s movement.

The campaign has been digitally touching millions of lives every year, creating awareness and enabling people to make a direct link between their energy consumption patterns and the impact on their health and environment, and motivating them to voluntarily switch to the more economic and environmentally friendly natural gas.


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