'GOOD NEWS TODAY' is set to launch on September 5, 2021

There is something about being at the right place at the right time, and no one can attest to this maxim more than The India Today Group- which has always been a catalyst for the media landscape in India by creating new, relevant and engaging products that are right for their time. In 1975, the India Today magazine was launched to fill the pressing need for quality journalism with an impact, at a time when the prevailing newspapers were not investing in editorial capabilities or in new ideas around printing, or even colour layouts. From that time, India Today Group has been at the forefront of media innovation. From pioneering independent broadcast journalism, in the times of tapes and video libraries with Newstrack and then Aaj Tak on DD News as a bulletin, to Aaj Tak scaling to India’s most loved TV news channel on its own strength for 20 straight years; From adapting the news to the internet and digital revolution, and making the news social media friendly to now being the dominant network of digital only mobile first constellation of channels with the Tak ecosystem- India Today has been its viewers greatest partner as times and tides change.

Now, it comes to the audiences with its latest offering- a product whose time is equally just as right. A channel that recognizes that the news doesn’t just have to mean bad news. And even in the presence of negative news stories, it is only when we focus on what is constructive- that we can move the needle of progress forward. It invites a sharp focus on solutions, and celebrates the narratives of the glass half full.

Enter- Good News Today: a channel that doesn’t assume the doom and gloom of the world, but bravely opens its eyes to the possibilities abound. It will showcase stories of hope, human triumph, innovation and inspiration from different walks of life, from different parts of India and the world. The news channel with an affirmative leaning- Good News Today rests on the motto of “acchi khabar, sacchi khabar”- true stories that foster goodwill and unite audiences in their higher purpose.

There is no way to change the daily news cycle, but Good News Today is committed to changing the perspectives around it, by infusing refreshing narratives that allow for a more holistic view of the world- khabar nahi badalte, nazar badalte hain! As India is in its 75th year of independence, the India Today Group considers it a duty and privilege to serve its citizens and to mirror their spirit, hope and determination. We welcome the new source of inspiration in GNT (Good News Today), especially after a challenging and difficult year owing to the pandemic.

Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson, India Today Group, reinforces: “I am delighted to introduce Good News Today into the lives of our viewers. Coming off a challenging year, the world needs to come together to unite in stories of human triumph. We all need a source of encouragement and the unique ability to see the good. This is a channel with a heart full of optimism and helps you tune into a Good News Wali Smile”.


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