Google unveils next-gen AI model Gemini 1.5

Google has unveiled what it calls the next-generation AI model: Gemini 1.5.
Last week, announced Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, the company rolled out its most capable model, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, and took a significant step forward in making Google products more helpful, starting with Gemini Advanced. Now, developers and Cloud customers can begin building with 1.0 Ultra too — with the Gemini API in AI Studio and in Vertex AI.
"Our teams continue pushing the frontiers of our latest models with safety at the core. They are making rapid progress. In fact, we’re ready to introduce the next generation: Gemini 1.5. It shows dramatic improvements across a number of dimensions and 1.5 Pro achieves comparable quality to 1.0 Ultra, while using less compute," said Sundar Pichai.
He added that this new generation also delivers a breakthrough in long-context understanding. "We’ve been able to significantly increase the amount of information our models can process — running up to 1 million tokens consistently, achieving the longest context window of any large-scale foundation model yet."
Longer context windows show us the promise of what is possible, Pichai adds. They will enable entirely new capabilities and help developers build much more useful models and applications.

This is an exciting time for AI, announced Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind, on behalf of the Gemini team.
He further said that new advances in the field have the potential to make AI more helpful for billions of people over the coming years. Since introducing Gemini 1.0, Google has been testing, refining and enhancing its capabilities.
Gemini 1.5 delivers dramatically enhanced performance, said Demis Hassabis.
"It represents a step change in our approach, building upon research and engineering innovations across nearly every part of our foundation model development and infrastructure. This includes making Gemini 1.5 more efficient to train and serve, with a new Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) architecture. The first Gemini 1.5 model we’re releasing for early testing is Gemini 1.5 Pro. It’s a mid-size multimodal model, optimized for scaling across a wide-range of tasks, and performs at a similar level to 1.0 Ultra, our largest model to date. It also introduces a breakthrough experimental feature in long-context understanding," said Demis.

"As we roll out the full 1 million token context window, we’re actively working on optimizations to improve latency, reduce computational requirements and enhance the user experience. We’re excited for people to try this breakthrough capability, and we share more details on future availability below. These continued advances in our next-generation models will open up new possibilities for people, developers and enterprises to create, discover and build using AI," he added.


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