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Guest Column: Invest in Yourself - The Time is Now, says Sapna Desai

This Woman’s Day, Sapna Desai, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing and Communications, Cigna TTK Health Insurance, is reminded of her existence, a special existence. “As a woman, we are often glorified for our ability to dawn multifaceted roles. But this year, let’s dawn the role of ‘being ourselves’ and enriching our own existence,” she writes. 

First Me: Let’s start this Woman’s Day on a different note. Let us start the focus by fulfilling our basic needs. Our aim should not be to neglect ourselves, so here is how we get started: 

Invest in your health: How about taking some time out for some serious exercise that will help you feel better, lighter and fitter? So start now. This time make a meal of your choice, load it with rich nutrients and see yourself glowing, both from within and to the outside world. 

Build your ecosystem: We have dreams and we have our own goals. Go and chase them. Don’t shy away from asking for help, build that ecosystem block by block that will help you get you your career or you passion. You can make it happen, it may get harder but keep the faith and it will happen. 

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Get Financial Freedom: Set a financial goal and set some money for yourself.  Ensure you have adequate insurance for your health and your family’s health too. Teach yourself the nuances of finance and create a corpus for yourself, for your indulgences and your well-being. 

Soar High: As a woman, you can set your own challenges and take the efforts to scale new heights. Take that course you always aspired to take, trek that mountain that you always thought you would do someday. Remember #TimeIsNow. Set that target and work towards that target. 

Find a Mentor: We all have doubts and we keep having our highs and lows. Find that one mentor who can guide you and help you find your path and truly believes in your capabilities. 

#ItsOkToFail: Failing is good; allow yourself the liberty of failing and getting up and again failing. I have made my own share of mistakes and each mistake has been a good teacher. Don’t be harsh on yourself, you may burn out soon. 

So this Woman’s Day, let us take the first step to bring the focus back on yourself and keep investing in yourself. Wishing a fabulous Women’s Day to all the women out there.

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