Kangana Ranaut's 'Tejas' Takes Flight as a Deshbhakt

The film's name belongs to its heroine (Kangana Ranaut), who turns in to a fierce deshbhakt cum airforce pilot after her loved ones are killed in the Leopold Café attack of 26/11. Tejas is also the name of India's first indigenously made fighter plane, which our heroine Tejas takes to Pakistan and gives hell to the terrorists there!! It is also the name of the undercover mission she is on... oh wow. TEJAS TEJAS TEJAS. Tejas raised to 3 actually!! 

In its just under two hours runtime, Tejas the film crams in everything you can expect in a typical hyper patriotic Bollywood fare. There is a RAW agent to be rescued, there is the nincompoop Paki army to be fooled and behold, there is even a sinister terror plot to blow up the (yet to be inaugurated) Ram Mandir to be foiled. Phew!! Quite a long "To do" list, you would say. But our dear olè Kangana does all of it with seemingly relative ease. No hurry, no worry!! 

Coming from Ronnie Screwvala who produced the infinitely superior Uri (2019), Tejas is a letdown on many fronts. The screenplay oscillating between the protagonist's past and present, is a distraction. There is an overdose of songs in the first hour. The air combat sequences don't excite much as you thought from the trailer. Moreover, two fighter pilots pulling down an entire terror camp in Pakistan doesn't appear real. As for the climactic showdown at Ayodhya Ram Mandir, the less said the better... 

Kangana didi, as her haters love to troll her, has been having a bad box office spell off late. That truly doesn't matter as even in her worst of outings like Dhaakad last year, Ranaut is top class. Her sincerity, her hard work and her performances are always outstanding. If I go by the turnout of just seven (including myself) in the Sunday matinee show at Mahim's Citylight Cinema, Tejas will only add to the list of Kangana Ranaut's increasing flops. But as an actress, she is absolutely flawless. Whether you like her or not!! 

Ratings on some key aspects* : 

1. Acting : 5/5 (Kangana Ranaut)

2. Direction : 2/5

3. Music : 2/5 

4. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 2/5

5. Cinematography : 3/5

6. Editing : 3/5 

7. Costume Design : 2/5

8. Special Effects and VFX : 2.5/5

9. Action : 2.5/5

10. Production Quality : 3/5 

#SNRating for #Tejas : 2 stars out of 5. 

- Sumeet Nadkarni 

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