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Offbeat: Delna Sethna – The rebel who would be in the Masai Mara

In our constant endeavour to give our readers content that is a little ‘hatke’ from the trade media norm, Adgully has been coming out with Special sections like The W-Suite, Ad Land’s Young Guns, Spirit W and more. Our latest offering is ‘Offbeat’. 

Our weekly series ‘Offbeat’ seeks to present the lesser known facets of our very well-known industry leaders. We present, in the industry leaders’ own words, an interesting read on areas that are not usually highlighted in regular media coverage – be it about their childhood days, secret skills that they possess, how they unwind from their hectic schedules, and much more. 

Working on businesses no one ever wants to work on and converting them into businesses everyone wants to sink their grimy little paws in to – this has been the forte of Delna Sethna, Chief Creative Officer, Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi. Her primary focus is on the agency’s P&G business – Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Olay and Pampers. Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi has bagged a Gold Lion in the coveted Glass Lions at the 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017 for its social campaign – #GiveHer5. #GiveHer5 addresses the topic of menstruation and how girls are compelled to miss school for five days a month due to lack of access to proper female hygiene products. 

How were you as a child and which childhood trait do you still possess? 
I was incredibly rebellious as a child…guess I still am. I could never bring myself to do something because I “had to”, regardless of who was doing the asking. If it made sense to me, I was all in. Needless to say, I quickly learnt the meaning of the word ‘consequences’. I might have been a rich investment banker otherwise! 

Which superhero did you look up to as a kid and why? Which superhero power you wish you possessed?
The Man With No Name. It’s the character Clint Eastwood played in all his spaghetti westerns – Strong, silent and armed. I’m working on having all three with me at my client meetings. 

However, the superhero power I wish I had is the power to socialise. 

What is your biggest fear and how do you face it?
Being a terrible mother. Fortunately for me, I have a very understanding little boy… with a very forgiving heart. 

A skill you possess that no one knows about?
I can ride, as fast as the horse’s legs can carry us. 

What would one find in your playlist?
New Orleans Jazz. 

Your go-to activity to relax?
Reading. If I can finish 3 books a week, it is a very good week for me. 

What is the greatest lesson that you have learnt from life so far?
It’s an ongoing one that I hope to master in one of these lifetimes – Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds. 

A social cause that you are most passionate about?
Helping animals in any way that I am able. 

What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I could stand to lose 15lbs! 

If not CCO at Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi what would you have been?
A driver/ guide in the Masai Mara.


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