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STAR Ananda & STAR Majha launch "Sharad Ananda' & "Bappa Majha'

STAR Ananda & STAR Majha are gearing up for the festival.

"Sharad Ananda" - the flagship programme of STAR Ananda, is celebrated successfully every year by millions of Bengalis. It contains various cherished segments ' Superstar Bonam Megastar, Pujor Gaan, Pujor Fashion, Pujor Bonus, Pujor Adda, Flat Barir Puja. These segments entail all the happenings during Puja like Devotional Songs, Fashion, Food, Pandals contest. Quite eagerly awaited, this property was last year presented by Videocon and powered by Bharat Super Cement. The value received by the sponsors is underlined from the fact that last year on Dusshera, STAR Ananda was leading with 46% market share in West Bengal with an Avg Daily reach of 2.7mn viewers, avg TVR of 0.27 and 30% more time spend as compared to its nearest competitor. Source: TAM, TG-CS 15+, 28th Sep 09, WB

"Bappa Majha' from STAR Majha is no behind and has been the audience favorite with it segments Pot Puja, Morya-Morya, Dev Majha, Dev Darshan, Mahapandal contest, Gharguti Ganpati. Last year's presenting sponsor Red Label, associate sponsors Kent RO & Goodnight Advance also derived great exposure. Bappa Majha won hearts of Maharashtrians and attained average market share of 45%, with an Avg Daily reach of 3mn viewers, avg TVR of 0.12, and 9% more time spend as compared to its nearest competitor. Source: TAM, TG-CS 15+, 23rd Aug- 3rd Sep 09, Mah

Now this year again there is an opportunity for the advertisers to place their brands between two Gods. The properties are well devised and have reached an expert level through years of planned execution.

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