Wunderman Thompson unveils film on inclusiveness for Tata Steel

Wunderman Thompson Kolkata’s film for Tata Pravesh from Tata Steel
Wunderman Thompson Kolkata’s film for Tata Pravesh from Tata Steel

Over the years, Tata Steel has been known for its spirit of pioneering, one that goes beyond just products and solutions. The company’s history of many ‘firsts’ in human resources within the manufacturing sector includes 8-hour workdays, maternity leave,  gratuity upon retirement, a 5-day work week amongst others.  

In order to bring an exclusive focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Tata Steel launched MOSAIC in the year 2015. MOSAIC defines the path the company has taken to build a people culture that both celebrates and encourages diversity and inclusion. It has a five-pillar approach that covers recruitment, sensitisation, retention & development, infrastructure & celebration. The focus areas for MOSAIC are gender, persons with disability, affirmative action and LGBTQIA+. 

Tata Steel has set a target of creating a 25% diverse workforce by 2025.  

At its Noamundi iron mine, a 22-member all-woman team is already engaged in drilling, dumper and shovel operations across shifts. As an equal opportunity employer, Tata Steel respects the uniqueness of individuals and is putting its best foot forward, to shape workspaces of tomorrow.  

Having broken the glass ceiling time and again, Tata Steel has onboarded 97 transgender persons in various roles till date. Such initiatives further reinforce Tata Steel’s belief in strengthening the organisation by embracing a variety of identities, thoughts and perspectives. In 2019, Tata Steel had also introduced a policy for LGBTQIA+ employees, urging them to enlist their partners with the Company, so as to enable them to avail all HR benefits. 

Following in the footsteps of Tata Steel, Tata Pravesh - a brand of steel doors and windows - has too, endeavoured to open the doors of the mind through its thought-provoking films for  World Environment Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, World AIDS Day and most recently, Women’s Day. Through these films, the brand attempts to change the way we look at the world around us. Tata Pravesh also felt that the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons within the workforce at Tata Steel would be revolutionary and merits being showcased to the world through a film. This initiative has been lauded not just because it is innovative, but it is also a progressive way for such employees to enter mainstream society, be embraced by all around them and be made to feel a part of the larger corporate family. 

Humility has always been deeply ingrained in the fabric of Tata Steel’s history. Hence, instead of highlighting how progressive Tata Steel is as a Company, the film – Raahi, conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson Kolkata – is purposefully set to a neutral corporate backdrop. It tells the story of an LGBTQIA+ individual, shunned by society but who is accepted by colleagues. The film signs off with the strong social message, ‘Acceptance can open doors’,  encouraging us to open our minds - ‘#KholoMannKeDwaar’ - allowing the winds of change to air out our prejudices.  

Lit up and shot beautifully by Happy Rabbit Films, the film encourages us to inculcate a sense of belonging in the workplace and make our LGBTQIA+ colleagues feel accepted, making them proud of us. It makes us stop for a moment and take cognizance of our biases, so we can work towards eliminating them.

Commenting on the film, Jaya Singh Panda, Chief Diversity Officer, Tata Steel Ltd., said, “As a company, our objective has always been to drive diversity and build a benchmark workplace.  The inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the Tata Steel workforce is a step in that direction. The  film urges us to accept everyone and create an inclusive workplace where equal opportunity  is provided to all.”  

Commenting on the film, Animesh Roy, Chief Services & Solutions - Tata Pravesh, Tata  Steel Ltd., said, “Tata Pravesh has always stimulated people, making them think about issues that impact society. The film is the latest addition to a series of communications from the brand over the years which attempt to open the doors of our minds. It prompts us to ensure  our LGBTQIA+ co-workers feel that we care, urging us to be empathetic and supportive.” 

Commenting on the creative concept, Arjun Mukherjee, VP & Senior ECD, Wunderman  Thompson, Kolkata, said, “We need to be sensitive towards our LGBTQIA+ co-workers and  make them feel welcome at the workplace. This film encourages us to make them feel at home  as our colleagues. It teaches us to build relationships based on love and respect, regardless of  gender, so that no one ever walks alone.” 

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, Senior VP & Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said,  “Tata Steel is widely recognised for its trailblazing HR initiatives and Tata Pravesh for its  thought-provoking films. This extremely relevant and topical film will encourage us to  embrace LGBTQIA+ people, making them feel accepted and included in the workplaces of  tomorrow.” 


Client: Tata Pravesh - a brand of Tata Steel 

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Kolkata 

Project Head: Vijay Jacob Parakkal, Sr. VP & Managing Partner 

Creative Team: 

Arjun Mukherjee, VP & Sr. ECD 

Anurag Acharya, Creative Director II 

Kaushik Roy, Creative Director I 

Partha Chowdhury, Sr. Creative Director 

Nuzhath Enayath, Sr. Copywriter 

Bidisha Chandra, Jr. Art Director 

Account Management: 

Nilanjan Sarkar, Client Services Director 

Production house: Habby Rabbit Films 

Director: Dibyendu Bose 

Editor: Arghyakamal Mitra  

Music director: Hanif Shaikh 

VO: Richa Nigam 


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