Chrome News Track Reveals Top Anchors Dominating Hindi News Live Streams

In a recent analysis conducted by Chrome News Track (CNT), the top anchors in the Hindi news live streams category have been identified based on their performance during the prime-time slot between 14th to 20th February 2024. The rankings were determined by evaluating various factors including the duration of appearance, average concurrent views, and the CNT index, which is calculated by indexing the concurrent viewers to the airtime dedicated to each anchor.

According to the data released by Chrome News Track, the following anchors emerged as the top performers in the three categories released:


CNT Index - Monetization Measure: Chrome News Track introduces the groundbreaking CNT Index, a unique metric that measures the monetization efficiency of anchor presence. The formula considers concurrent viewers indexed to the airtime dedicated to each anchor. Simply put, a higher CNT Index indicates superior monetization potential.

Higher the CNT Index, the better the monetization of the anchor presence, measured in terms of concurrent viewers indexed to the airtime dedicated to that anchor. However, the performance of an anchor would also depend on the topicality & relevance of the story viz-a-viz what is being aired on other streams, & could also vary on the day parts allotted to the respective anchor.

The CNT index provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of each anchor's presentation style, content delivery, and audience engagement strategies. These rankings serve as a testament to the talent and influence of the top anchors in the Hindi news live streams category.

“The CNT Index beautifully illustrates the performance of every anchor, aligned with the airtime allocated to them. This automated output, devoid of human intervention, offers real-time insights, enabling publishers to optimize airtime effectively for audience resonance," explained Riya Maity, Business Head of Chrome Consumer Research and Chrome News Track.

These insights empower media professionals, publishers, and news live streams to refine strategies, maximize views, and enhance monetization opportunities. As the media landscape evolves, Chrome News Track remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge analytics for informed decision-making.


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