Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google over concerns of AI dangers

Geoffrey Hinton, the renowned computer scientist and cognitive psychologist, has announced his resignation from Google at the age of 75, citing regret over his work on artificial intelligence (AI).
Hinton is known for his pioneering research on neural networks and deep learning, which have played a crucial role in developing current AI systems such as ChatGPT. However, Hinton has also expressed concerns about the dangers of AI and chatbots. He believes that chatbots could soon overtake the level of information that a human brain holds and that there are "bad actors" who could use AI for malicious purposes.
"Right now, they're not more intelligent than us, as far as I can tell. But I think they soon may be," he told BBC.
Hinton warned that chatbots are not currently more intelligent than humans, but he believes they soon may be. He also pointed out that digital systems like chatbots differ significantly from biological systems like the human brain, which raises concerns about the direction AI is heading. Hinton's announcement highlights the accelerating rate of AI capabilities and the need for urgent investment in AI safety and control.

Matt Clifford, the chairman of the UK's Advanced Research and Invention Agency, said in a personal capacity that Hinton's announcement underscores the importance of investing heavily in AI safety and control. While there is an enormous upside to AI technology, it is essential to ensure that it is developed in a safe and controlled manner to prevent malicious actors from exploiting its potential.

Hinton's resignation from Google is a significant moment in the development of AI technology. As one of the most influential figures in the field, experts believe, his concerns about the direction of AI research and development should not be taken lightly. It is up to all stakeholders in the AI community to take these concerns seriously and work together to ensure that AI is developed in a responsible and safe manner.


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