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'Nahi Bhaiya, Aisa Nahi Hai' says's new TVC

Asian Paints have been around for a long time since its humble beginnings in 1942 and has been the market leader in paints since 1968. Throughout the years they have always come up with commercials that try to communicate to the viewers beyond just a paint advertisement.

In their latest campaign by O&M, it is about the website . The idea is to become the consumer's guide in painting. The website helps the user in various paint related decisions ranging from selection of the colour to even estimation of the budget.

In the TVC campaign dialogue between an elder brother and his younger sibling is shown. Throughout the series, the elder brother remembers how he used to take all the important decisions at one point of time and how that's not the case any longer. This is because now his younger brother uses to style his home and doesn't involve him in any of the decision making processes. The younger brother in all the series is shown to be apologetic and tries to pacify the unbelievably broken hearted elder brother by explaining how easy it is with the website which is why he uses the website but in vain. The younger brother unwearyingly says Nahi Bhaiya, Aisa Nahi Hai.

There are four TVCs which are part of a campaign, which talks about various attributes of the website. Asian Paint always has incorporated family values and emotional quotient to their advertising. In this advertisement, it seems to suggest, the website can replace the elder brother. Although the easy usability of the website is shown well, it does seem to have a negative connotation where the elder brother is concerned.

Asian paints earlier ads like "Har ghar kuchh kaheta hai' and "Wah sunil babu' have been quite popular with viewers.

Renowned ad gurus are of the opinion that Asian paints have always come up with good ads and they feel the critics have been too critical with them. Their ads are meant to be funny and ensure a better brand recall in the minds of the consumers. Many of their one liners have become a part of household conversations like "wah sunil babu' and for sure soon even Nahi Bhaiya, Aisa Nahi Hai.


Creative: Abhijit Awasthi, Mahesh Gharat, Pradyumna Chauhan, Makarand Joshi, Hemal Sirsikar, Shahnawaz Qadeer and Sandip Gaikwad

Account Management: Deepika Tiwari, Tulsi Choksi and Shivali Moray

Planning: Kawal Shoor, Neeraj Bassi and Abhishek Tyagi

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