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Veen Waters picks Bang in the Middle as its comm. partner

Veen Waters Finland Oy appoints Bang in the Middle as their communication partners for Global Markets
The world water connoisseurs state that the best tasting waters come from protected free flowing springs. It is only natural that VEEN falls into this category. VEEN is unusually smooth - a characteristic that keeps surprising with every mouthful.
VEEN Spring Waters' virginality has been rated nothing less than superior. This means that the water is unspoiled by nitrate with only 0.15 mg per litre. The water is filtered through sandy terrain and bottled just as it has been lifted from Mother of the Water’s sources.
VEEN spring water gets its unique osculatory feel, smoothness and taste from the purest environment on the planet. The water originates from the Konisaajo natural spring area in the arctic wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Veen Water is sold in luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, bars and nightclubs including various Michelin star restaurants of the world. Veen is a unique brand almost one of a kind.
Veen today appointed Bang in the Middle as its official communication partner. Bang in the Middle will help Veen enter newer luxury markets of Asia and also consolidate the already strong presence in European, Middle Eastern and Chinese markets. Bang in the Middle will henceforth be responsible for managing the brand’s health globally.
“I am thrilled to find a like-minded partner in Bang in the Middle. The market for premium water is growing rapidly, and this growth is a potent opportunity for a young brand like Veen. Together with their expertise we would be looking at entering various new markets including India” said Aman Gupta, Director, Veen Waters.
“For a world thirsty for gourmet experiences, Veen is an extremely special offering. I believe that we have been very fortunate to be considered as Veen’s global communication partner. At Bang in the Middle, our focus, work and thinking aren’t going to be limited by geography, and Veen is a brand that fits our plans to a brilliance.” said Prathap Suthan, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle.

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