Trending Now: Agencies will have to offer end to end services to brands

Joe Thaliath, CEO, FCB Interface, analyses the trends that will dominate the entire gamut of the industry – from Digital to Advertising to 5G experiences to Gaming and Neobanking and much more; and also what it all means for brands as well as consumers. 

What are the big changes that you are expecting in 2020?
Neobanking in its truest form will arrive in India sooner than expected. But as we all know, the online bank model is not successful in many parts of the world with limited penetration, so what banks offer across mediums will suddenly become supremely important, especially in the real world. 

Zero latency 5G experiences – from video to movies to gaming. Once we get faster, stronger networks on mobile, offline and at our favourite hangouts, the demand for this faster form of interaction will only grow exponentially. There are already a number of 5G gaming and zero latency gaming places set up in India. 

Purposeful use of AR and VR – If we continue to explore this mixed reality further, there will more purposeful use cases of them in search, in media, for causes and to bring the experience to consumers when they can’t physically be there. More companies are building headsets today. 

The rise of independent consoles for mobile gaming. The Nintendo Switch Lite has already become a global phenomenon, where you can play the same games on a handheld console just like your regular Nintendo Switch and thanks to its beautiful product design and thoughtful experience, there will be more demand for it from Nintendo and who knows – we may also see a new Playstation Portable (PSP) in the near future. 

Agencies will have to offer end to end services to brands and more brands will park their mainline and digital mandates with the same agency for better consistency, and more CMOs are opting for this model because their teams are tired of constant co-ordination between agency teams. Moreover, consumers can see the difference in communication or services now when it starts affecting their overall experience with the brand, especially in crisis communication or response management. 

Creative teams will have to further explore their creativity, imagination and push the boundaries of their idea so that it’s not just the medium, but where they can take the medium to. 

How has consumer behaviour changed with the introduction of tech-based marketing?
We can divide this into: 

Moment Marketing
Consumers love to be a part of the brand’s communication and interact when there is something playful, meaningful, cause or some action required. As long as it is a fun and healthy conversation. What we did for Huggies with our Wipe Off campaign worked really well. We didn’t just create an ad, we built a unique platform and web app, where users could wipe off 50 per cent of product prices just by snapping their fingers just like the characters in the movie ‘Avengers – Endgame’. 

Interaction communication
People love it when messages are customised and personalised. Myntra’s app and reminders on the platform are a great example where they are with you throughout the purchase journey. 

Consumers are avoiding things that are tech for tech sake or experiences that lack depth, repeat engagement or long-term associations. For example, a small digital online or offline tech-based activation or digital marketing project won’t work if it doesn’t create a bond or solves a problem or becomes native to the consumer’s everyday life. 

Problem resolution and support
Ideas and experiences that solve problems instantly for consumers are accepted far and wide. 

Are we expected to see some big shifts around data regulation in India? How will it affect your business?
World over, data regulations have become a regulatory framework. There have been certain debates on implementing data protection amendments, which we will have to wait and watch. The business shouldn’t get affected as brands will try to work under the purview of law, keeping consumer interest as the core. 

How do you anticipate the AdEx growth across platforms in 2020?
We are witnessing a whole new revolution of digitally native users, where brands are reinventing themselves to interact and build connections with them. Many research companies and agency networks have predicted an average growth of 20-25 per cent CAGR. Digital as a medium will create multiple opportunities across the gamut of touchpoints that will accelerate this growth.


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